RJ11 vs RJ9 (With Table)

Before we explore RJ11 vs RJ9 in detail, let’s understand what does RJ stands for. RJ stands for registered jack. It is a normalized telecom network interface that associates voice and information hardware. The assistance is given by a trade transporter or a distance transporter. The enrolled jacks are known by the letters RJ, along with two digits that express the sort.

The important thing to note about the connectors is the number of positions you can access on the connector and the number of contacts present on it. If there are more positions available, the connectors are mostly bigger. Let us take a look at the differences between the two kinds of RJs.

The difference between the RJ9 and the RJ11 is that RJ9 comes with one type of configuration which is the 4P4C connection type. On the other hand, RJ11 has two types of configuration which are the 6P2C and the 6P4C connection types.

The four-position and four conveyor plugs are considered to be the RJ9 connector. It ends on a 4 conductor telephone link. The RJ9 is used to connect a phone handset and a phone collector. The RJ11 is a phone interface that uses a link of extensive wire sets and a measured jack with two, four, or six contacts. For connecting a phone to the divider and a handset to the phone, a basic connector like the RJ 11 is used. It can carry up to six wires for around three phone lines. These are classified as RJ11, RJ14, or RJ25 depending on the number of lines.

Comparison Table: RJ11 vs RJ9

FunctionsIt is used in phones and modem cables.It is used in telephone handset cables.
ShapeIt is square in shape.It is rectangular in shape.
ConfigurationIt has two configurations called 6P2C and 64PCIt has one configuration called 4P4C.
SizeThe size of RJ11 is bigger than the size of RJ9.The size of RJ9 is smaller than the size of RJ11.
VersatilityBecause of two configurations, it is more versatile.Because of one configuration for connection, it is less versatile.
RJ11 vs RJ9 Table
RJ11 vs RJ9
Difference between RJ9 and RJ11

About RJ11


RJ11 has a square-shaped connector. The width is around 9.6mm. The RJ11 consists of an interesting look that allows you to see the presence of wires. It is made up of plastic that makes it solid and durable in form. It crosses the scale at 0.16 ounces.

One of the important facts to know about RJ11 is that it is used in association with phones and modems. And It comes with two types of arrangements. It comes with six positions and four conductors.

RJ11 is used in ADSL, modems, telephones, and to establish an association in phone lines. It has a simple phone association. Rj11 is said to use 4 of the six spaces that are accessible. It has an interface of four wires.

RJ11 comes with a minimal design and has a square shape. The jack forms an association for a single phone line. RJ11 uses a standard 6P2C connector for a standard phone connection. It also uses a 6P4C connector when low voltage power is needed for a phone.

The RJ11 jack uses a level stain link which consists of two slim copper wires. RJ11 is used in an ordinary family phone or modem connection.

About RJ9


RJ9 has a completely different shape unlike that of RJ11. It is rectangular in shape. However, it is more well built than RJ11. RJ9 is made up of plastic and the association of wires can be seen inside.

One of the most important facts to consider about RJ9 is that it is not a connector that can be used occasionally. It can be used under certain conditions like the RJ10 or RJ22. It also has one kind of setup type. Because of the difference in shape, RJ9 is smaller than that RJ11.

You can find only one kind of connector type in RJ9 which is 4P4C. This means that it consists of four positions as well as four connection points. This feature makes it ideal for connection with telephones.

There are no enlisted jack codes since phone handsets or headsets are not associated directly with the public organization.

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Difference Between RJ9 and RJ11

1) The shape of the connector

RJ9 has a differently shaped connector than that of RJ11. RJ9 has a rectangular connector while RJ11 has a square-shaped connector.

2) Connection points

RJ9 has a single configuration which is the 4P4C connection type. This provides four positions and four connection points. On the other hand, RJ11 provides us with two kinds of connection points which are 6P2C and 6P4C. This means more positions and connection points.

3) Used for

The RJ9 connector has the 4P4C arrangement which makes it perfect for use in phone handset links. Because of the presence of three prongs in the pleats, it has strong and lasting wires. On the other hand, RJ11 is mostly used for telephone lines and modem associations. It can deal with around four wires at once.

4) Size

RJ9 is rectangular in shape and quite small in size. Whereas, RJ11 is square in shape and larger in size when compared to RJ9.

5) Versatile

Rj9 is less versatile when it comes to the connection. It has only one type of connector which is the 4P4C. On the other hand, RJ11 is more versatile when it comes to connecting devices. It consists of two configuration types namely 6P2C and 6P4C.

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The connectors RJ9 and RJ11 are used for networking. These are used for applications that require lower voltage lighting controls.

The important things to consider are the number of positions on the connector and the number of contacts required. The more positions are present, the bigger the connector will be in size. Both the connectors are exceptionally good for connecting gadgets and sending information from the source to the gadgets. Multiple attributes are present along with the different links.

Rj9 and RJ11 are very useful in multiple situations. This makes it difficult to decide which one is better for application. Rj11 is a great choice it has two uniforms of setup types. This means more flexibility in terms of links.

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