Puerto Rican vs Mexican (With Table)

Many people are unaware of the difference between Mexicans and Puerto Ricans. The main difference between them is that Mexicans are not native to the United States whereas Puerto Ricans are natives to the United States. Puerto is a territory present in the United States. But the differences don’t end here. Here is a detailed article on Puerto Rican vs Mexican.

Comparison Table: Puerto Rican vs Mexican

CriteriaPuerto Rican Mexican
CitizensThey are the citizens of Mexico.They are the citizens of Puerto Rico.
TerritoryMexico is an independent nation.Puerto Rico is a part of the United States.
LanguageSpanish with less clarity and different grammar and pronunciation.Very clear Spanish language
MelodiousMexican Spanish accent is melodiousPuerto Rican Spanish is not melodious.
RestrictionsThey are not permitted to enter the mainland of the United States.They are permitted to enter the mainland of the United States.
AncestryA mix of the Mayan Indian, Spanish colonizers, Aztecs,A mix of Tainos, Africans.
ColorNot dark-skinned.Dark skin due to African ancestry
FoodBlend of Spanish and indigenous food. The popular dishes are burritos, tacos, etc., and use beans a lot.Blend of African, American, Taino, and Spanish. Asopao de Pollo is their national dish.
Puerto Rican vs Mexican Table
Puerto Rican vs Mexico
Difference between Puerto Rican and Mexico

There are multiple communities living together on this planet. The land of the earth is divided into seven continents: South America, Asia, Europe, Antarctica, Africa, North America, and Oceania. These continents are further divided into countries based on geographical borders.

The people of the countries in a continent are very closely related to each other. For instance, England is closely related to France as compared to Dubai. Since they are closely situated, the people are aware of the different cultures. Sometimes the people of two or more countries seem identical because of factors like skin color, food habits, etc.

About Puerto Rican

Puerto Rican Culture
Puerto Rican Culture courtesy: wikimedia.org

The people belonging to the commonwealth of Puerto Rico are known as Puerto Ricans. Puerto Rico is the territory of The United States of America. It is situated in the Caribbean Sea near the Dominican Republic, the United States Virgin Islands, and the British Virgin Islands. Unlike the Mexicans, the Puerto Ricans have the freedom to move across the mainland of the United States.

The people of Puerto Rico are the citizens of the United States. Sometimes they look like Americans because of their blonde hair, blue eyes, mulatto with dark eyes and hair. These are features of American culture. As there were African ancestors, some people belonging to the Puerto Rican community have dark skin.

The food culture surrounding Puerto Ricans is worth our attention. Their foods are a blend of African, American, Taino, and Spanish. The basic spices that are used by them include oregano, onion, garlic, and other kinds of seasonings. Asopao de Pollo is a traditional dish of Puerto Rico. It is made up of rice and soup and is famous across the Caribbean.

The languages that are spoken by the people here mainly consist of English and Spanish. There were very few types of ancestors as a result there was no mixing of the genes involved. You will find very few variations of the languages spoken here.

The Spanish of the people is more clear than the Spanish of the Mexicans. The accent sounds melodious, unlike the Mexicans. The Puerto Ricans who speak Spanish, leave out the ‘D’, do not pronounce ‘R’ and ‘S’, and change the ‘R’ to ‘L’.

The traditional dress of the Puerto Ricans includes the Guayabera.

About Mexican

Mexican Culture
Mexican Culture

Mexicans are the people of Mexico. Mexico is a country located in North America and is completely independent. It shares its borders with the United States of America. It is also surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, and Belize.

The people of Mexico evolved from the descendants of indigenous people like the Aztecs, Spanish colonizers, Toltecs, Mayans, etc. Most of the Mexicans are not from the indigenous group. They are a mixture of indigenous, European colonization, and African ancestry, and are known as the Mestizos. Mexican people also have similar physical features to that of the Indians.

Mexico is popular for its chocolate and the culture surrounding the food and drinks. Some of the most famous dishes of Mexico include burritos, tacos, tequila, etc. Mexican foods are a blend of Spanish and indigenous food. The popular spices involved in their cuisine are corn, beans, oregano, chilly, Chipotle, etc. Mexican food is loved by everyone across the world and the Spanish blend of food gives it an extra spice element.

They are also famous for their festival of ‘Day of the dead’, destinations like the Mayan temple, Cancun beach, mariachi bands, and other things.

The language spoken by the people of Mexico is also different. In Mexico, the languages spoken are Spanish, Nahuatl, Mixtec, Zapotec languages, etc. Mexicans have a melodious accent and often it feels as if they are singing a song.

When it comes to the dress of Mexicans, they wear huipil, Rebozo, and Mexican skirts. The dresses are referred to by different names across the world.

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Difference Between Puerto Rican and Mexican

1) Citizens

Mexicans are the citizens of Mexico whereas Puerto Ricans are the citizens of the United States of America.

2) Restrictions

Mexicans are restricted from entering the mainland of the United States. On the other hand, Puerto Ricans can freely move about in the land of the United States.

3) Ancestors

The ancestors of Mexicans are said to be the Mayan Indians, Spanish colonizers, Aztecs, etc. On the other hand, the ancestors of Puerto Ricans are the Tainos, Africans, etc.

4) Territory

The United Mexican state is a part of the United States of America. Puerto Rico on the other hand is a territory of the United States.

5) Spanish as a language

The Spanish of the Puerto Ricans is clearer than the Spanish of the Mexicans.

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Mexico and Puerto Rico are two separate places located on one continent. The key difference between these two is that Mexico is an independent nation whereas Puerto Rico is a territory belonging to the United States. The influence of Spanish as a language is a line of similarity between the two.

They also differ in terms of look. Mexicans can sometimes look like Indians or Mestizos. On the other hand, Puerto Ricans can be white with blonde hair, blue eyes, mulatto with dark eyes, and dark hair. Both Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are different and unique in their own ways.

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