Pretty vs Beautiful (With Table)

The two words pretty and beautiful are often used interchangeably to refer to pleasant-looking objects. But are there any differences between the two?

Comparison Table: Pretty vs Beautiful

CriteriaPretty Beautiful
MeaningThe word pretty is associated with an individual’s outward appearance that is appealing to others.Beautiful refers to a person who is not only good-looking but they are kind-hearted and loving from the inside.
RelationshipBeing just physically pretty from the outside will not help you to build good relationships with people.An individual is beautiful from the inside out. They can easily form good relationships with other people because of their kindness.
ComparisonThe word Pretty is considered to be a weaker term as compared to the term beautiful.The word beautiful is a strong term of the adjective as compared to the word pretty.
SynonymsSome synonyms are attractive, lovely, good looking.Some synonyms are good looking, lovely, charming, loveable, appealing.
ExampleA pretty Barbie doll.A beautiful sunrise.
Pretty vs Beautiful Table
Pretty vs Beautiful
Difference between Pretty and Beautiful

About Pretty

The word pretty has different definitions depending on the subject matter. When a human being is referred to as looking pretty, an adjective is being used. It acts as a compliment that focuses only on their looks and not on what is inside. The word pretty is used to describe good-looking, appealing, lovely, or nice-looking individuals. But there are other usages of this term as well. It is also used to describe the quality or the feeling of being pleased. While commenting on the physical attributes of a moment, the word pretty is often used by many people.

The word pretty is chosen over other words like hot or good looking. It is complementary but not as much as the word beautiful. The appearance of an individual or of an object is described with the help of this word. It is also used while referring to the size of an object or person. Example: ‘This box is pretty big’.

The word ‘pretty’ suggests that the individual or an object is very pleasant to look at, but is not necessarily impressive. The term pretty has a feminine connotation to it. It is a mixture of beautiful, cute, charming with feminine qualities. Sometimes it is said to be a limitation when it comes to beauty.

About Beautiful

The word beautiful has more to it than pretty. According to the English dictionary, beauty is not only related to something that is attractive to the eyes of an individual but also the mind and sense of a being. An example would be saying that a story was beautiful. This means that the story was emotionally moving and pleased the listeners.

Based on the message of the story one could state that the story was beautiful. The views of the writer and the structure of the story was the only thing considered.

Gender is often associated with these words. Beautiful is used to describe most women. The term beautiful is used to refer to women who are not only attractive on the outside but they are friendly and kind from the inside.

Beautiful people show the power of the combination formed by the brain and heart. They are said to win everyone’s heart and have a very natural nature. Wherever you go, beautiful moments will surround you and make you feel better. When you compliment an individual saying they are beautiful, you are appreciating their confidence.

Beautiful people can easily form good relationships without worrying about authenticity. When a person or an object is said to be beautiful, the relation is made on the basis of certain emotions and feelings. The term is used to describe things that are nearly perfect.

Beautiful is a very subjective term and can also be used to describe things that cannot be seen. For example a beautiful sunrise.

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Difference Between Pretty and Beautiful

1) Meaning

The word pretty refers to an individual who is attractive only from the outside and not from the inside. Being beautiful is said to be attractive from the inside as well as the outside. A beautiful individual is filled with good qualities.

2) Relationship

being just pretty is considered to be a negative feature. They cannot form authentic relationships with others based on just looks. On the other hand, beautiful people always form healthy connections with others using their kindness and affection.

3) Comparison

the adjective pretty is considered to be a weaker term as compared to a stronger adjective like beautiful.

4) Synonyms

Synonyms of pretty include: attractive, lovely, good looking. Synonyms of beautiful include lovely, charming, lovable, appealing.

5) Example

An example of pretty is A pretty Barbie doll. An example of beauty is a beautiful sunrise.

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There are multiple differences between the terms pretty and beautiful. Every individual should know the meaning and usage of these words. The physical and behavioral qualities help to define whether a person is beautiful or pretty. A beautiful person is said to have positive qualities that can be felt from the inside out. A pretty person is said to have only physical and attractive qualities without being charming from the inside.

These terms differ from each other in multiple ways. By being pretty you can probably attract a lot of people but most of them will not stay. By being beautiful and kind one can form healthy and authentic relationships with other individuals.

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