Is 3/8 bigger than 1/2?

Many times we have to compare which is greater among 2 or more fractions. One such common question is 3/8 Bigger than 1/2?

When two values are present in the form of a fraction then you have to learn to compare the values and determine which fractional value is small and which fraction is greater in quantity.

Here are two fractions, 1/2 and 3/8 and we will teach you how to understand which one is the greater fraction.

Basic concept

1) A fraction consists of two parts. The digits above the line of division are called numerators and the ones below the line of division are called the denominator.

2) When two denominators are the same then you can compare the values of the numerator as single whole numbers and say which fraction is great. In this case, the greater the numerator greater is the fraction.

3)However, the problem arises when the denominators and different, and some basic calculating steps need to be followed to find the value of the sum.

Is 3/8 bigger than 1/2? No, 1/2 is greater than 3/8


Here we can see that the denominators are different and thus you have to initiate the following calculation to yield the results.

Method #1: Converting Denominators

Step 1: First, we need to find the smallest number that can be divided by both 2 and 8. By using the prime factorization method, it is seen that 8 is the smallest number that can be divided by both 2 and 8. Now you need to balance both the given fractions.

(1×4)/(2×4) = 4/8


(3×1)/(8×1) = 3/8


This is done by checking how many times the two denominators will go in number 8. In the first case, number 2 goes 4 times to result in 8, and in the case of the second denominator 8, eight only goes one time in 8.

Step 2: Now both the numerators are multiplied accordingly to 4 and 1 respectively to yield the two final fractions which have the same denominator.

Here, 4/8 and 3/8


Now since both denominators are the same you can simply compare the two numerators as whole numbers and find out which fraction is greater.

which means that


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Method #2: Decimal Conversion Method

This is another simple method that you can acquire to instantly compare the two fractional values. When 1/2 is converted to decimal it results as 0.5 and when 3/8 is converted to fractions it results as 0.375

1÷2 = 0.5

3 ÷ 8 = 0.375

Now since 0.5 is greater than 0.375, the fraction 1/2 is greater than 3/8


Result: 1/2>3/8

Now here you know both the methods of comparing two fractions which can be either done by equating the denominators or by changing the fractions to decimal values.

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