How tall is 60 inches?

60 inches is a measurement that is quite usually spotted around us. Be it some model of the latest phone or some other cards and so many more items around us which are designed in the same size of 60 inches.

Thus there are numerous examples around us for you to observe the length of sixty inches in real life. If you do not have a measuring tape or a scale with you then you can simply collect these items to show the approximate length of 60 inches that are around us.

How tall is 60 inches in feet? 60 inches = 5 Feet

Common objects that are 60 inches big

1) 5 Subway Sandwiches

Sub Sandwiches
Sub Sandwiches

Subway Footlong sandwiches are 12 inches long. So, if we place 5 Subway sandwiches lengthwise then the total length will come up to 60 inches. So next time, you need to figure out how tall is 60 inches, just imagine 5-footlong sandwiches.

2) Jada Pinkett Smith

Hollywood superstar Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith is 5 feet and 11 1/2 inches tall which almost equals 60 inches. Whenever you have to visualize 60 inches, all you have to imagine is Jada (not a pleasant task though).

3) Bath Towel

The general bath towels are long enough to soak the water after a refreshing shower. They are made up to a standard length so that one can comfortably use these towels for drying themselves up. Although the material of the bath towels can vary they are manufactured with standard dimensions of 28×55 inches. Thus, when you have to guess the 60 inches you can take the help of a towel with a length of 55 inches and you will get a pretty correct idea.

4) 10 One US Dollar Bills

1 US dollar bill
1 US dollar bill

The famous dollar bill is about 6.14 inches long, so 10 one-dollar bills will be almost equal to 60 inches. Keeping 10 dollar notes length-wise will make up 60 inches and give you a fair idea of how tall is 60 inches.

5) Queen-Size Bed’s Width

Queen-size beds are big enough for a couple to enjoy a good night’s sleep. A standard queen-size bed is 60 inches wide. Most homes have a queen size bed in their bedrooms. So if you have to calculate 60 inches, all you have to do is compare your queen size bed dimensions.

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6) Five 1 Foot Rulers

A ruler is indispensable to the life of a student as he or she might need it all the time for the subjects in school. A standard-sized ruler measures up to the length of 1 foot or it is 12 inches long when expressed in inches. Thus, the following calculations will make it clear to you, how many such rulers are required for drawing the length of 60 inches.

12 inches =1 ruler

1 inches=1/12 ruler

60 inches = 60 /12 rulers= 5 rulers.

Thus we shall be needing 5 rulers of 12 inches long each to complete the measurement of 60 inches.

7) Height of a Car

As we all know that cars are made in different shapes and sizes, and they also have widths, each of which varies for the separate models. However, the average height of the cars that we see on the road is more or less 60 inches. This example is very easy for you to spit around you and imagine the height of such cars. You might as well stand next to one and observe the height of the same.

8) 30 Golf Tees

Golf Tee
Golf Tee

The ones who take interest in golf will be aware of the golf tees. The golf tees are always made up to an average size and thus we can use them for explaining the length of 60 inches. Each length of the height of the tees is 2 inches. And hence the following calculations will help you to note the measurement of 60 inches with these tees aligned next to one another.

2 inches=1 tee

60 inches =60/2 tees=30 tees

Thus if we can align 30 golf tees in a line along the height axis we shall obtain the measurement of 60 inches. These simple objects around us help explain the measurement of various values without any measuring scale present.

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9) One-Third Length of a Car

The length of the cars is also a suitable example that we can take to explain the length of 60 inches. The average car is manufactured up to the length of 15 feet, that is when expressed in inches, it will result up to 180 inches. So if you wish to imagine the measurement of 60 inches then you have to imagine the ⅓ rd length of the car which is ⅓ of 180 inches= 60 inches.

10) 18 Crayons


You must have bought colorful crayons for the little ones. However, you might have not given thought to the length of the crayons which are used by students. Here is a classic example of the crayons that we can cite to estimate the length of 60 inches. All the crayons that are manufactured and sold by different stationery companies make them in an average height of 3.5 inches. Thus we might have to carry out some simple calculations to estimate the number of crayons that shall be required to estimate the length of 60 inches in real life.

3.5 inches= 1 crayon
1 inch= 1 / 3.5
60 inches= 60/3.5 = 18 crayons

Thus if you align 18 crayons in a line along their length axis then you shall obtain the length of 60 inches. Hence it is a good example for explaining the length of 60 inches with simple objects around us.

11) 10 Toothbrushes

The toothbrushes are essential for the maintenance of hygiene and are required by us every day. The toothbrushes are made in different lengths and while some are customized for the kids and the little ones, the longer ones are usually made for adults. The general size of the adult toothbrush which we use every day is 6 inches. Hence if you can collect 10 such toothbrushes and align them in a straight line then you shall obtain a length of 60 inches.

6 inches= 1 toothbrush
1 inch= ⅙ toothbrush
60 inches= 60/6 toothbrushes = 10 toothbrushes.

12) Business Envelopes

Business envelopes are required by us for submitting an official letter or offering money to someone. The business envelopes are designed in a particular size and length which is maintained constant for that particular variety. The length of the business envelopes is 9.5 inches in length and 4 inches wide. So if you align 6 such envelopes in a line then the straight line that you shall obtain is 60 inches in length.

9.5 inches= length of 1 business envelope
1 inch= length of 1/ 9.5 business envelope
60 inches = 60/9.5 business envelopes = 6 business envelopes

You can also take up the example of #11 envelopes. If you frequent the post office or work in one then you shall know that there are different sizes of envelopes according to the requirement of the content and its size within the envelope. These envelopes have a dimension of 4 ½ x 10 ⅜ inches.

Although they are not exactly ten inches and perhaps a little more, arranging 6 such #11 envelopes along their length will provide you with an approximate length of 60 inches for one to visualize.

13) Bowling Pins

Bowling Pin
Bowling Pin

The bowling pins are also a wonderful example that one can take to explain the length of 60 inches. If you wish to know how a bowling pin looks then you have to pay a visit to the bowling alley. These bowling pins are arranged at the end of the lane and the ball is rolled.

The more the number of bowling pins that are hit and fall, the greater is the point of the player. Thus you can very easily imagine the shape of the bowling pin even if you have seen it on television or in movies.

The average length of the bowling pins is about 15 inches and if you place your bowling pins on top of another then you shall obtain the length of 60 inches.

Imagine placing four bowling pins one on top of the other in your mind and the length that you shall imagine of the tower will be 60 inches.

15 inches= 1 bowling pin
1 inch= 1/15 bowling pin
60 inches= 60/15 bowling pins= 4 bowling pins

Thus here is another brilliant example that one can take to explain the length of 60 inches with the help of different objects that are spotted around us.

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14) Half of an Alligator


The alligators are usually spotted in lakes and rivers or you might have seen them in the movies. The alligators that are spotted around the USA are about the average length of 10 feet. The 10 feet long alligators are about 120 inches in length when their length is expressed in inches. So if we consider half of the body of the alligator, it will be 5 feet or in other words, 60 inches.

15) 2 Carrom Boards

Carrom Board

We are all aware of the exciting indoor game of carrom. These carrom boards are made up to the size of 32 inches. This is the largest length of carrom board that is designed for the players to strike the coins on the same and gain points. So if we can place two such boards in a line then we will be able to estimate the average length of 60 inches. Two carrom boards of length 32 inches will result in 64 inches in length which is slightly more than 60 inches.

16) 60 inches Dinner Table

The dinner tables must be spacious so that they can accommodate guests as well as the entire family during a sumptuous meal. The 60 inches dinner tables are made of different materials like wood, plywood, rod iron, etc. The dimension of the dinner table is about 60 inches and it can provide seats to 6 people around the same for a formal meal. However, for a casual occasion, seven to eight people can be seated around the table. In case you have a larger family then it is a good option to go for the 60 inches table or the six-seaters.

17) 60 inches Electric Fireplace

The electric fireplace is a modification to the old and traditional fireplaces which might be inconvenient for certain households. These electric mantle places are hassle-free and sometimes you can opt for the fireplaces which are as long as 60 inches. If you have a large and spacious drawing room then you will be requiring a bigger fireplace which will be able to keep the place warm during the freezing winter months. You must go for these latest electric fireplaces which are effective and measure up to the length of 60 inches.

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18) 60 inch Floor Vases

The 60 inches floor vases are brilliant for one to decorate their house with wonders and elegance. These long and slender vases of 60 inches add a touch of finesse and beauty to the look of the house. The sixty inches floor vases are useful for one to estimate the length of 60 inches in real life. The vases are wonderful and available in all colors and designs. They blend well with the home decoration and escalate the contemporary essence of the house. These 60 inches vases are a prominent piece of home decor.

19) 60 inches glass table tops

The modern tables that are used in our house these days are covered with glass slabs to enhance the beauty of the center table. These 60 inches glass table tops are marvelous and you will simply be thrilled with the look of the table as it is displayed in the drawing-room. If you have one such glass table in your house then you must know that these glass slabs come in different shapes and sizes to suit the size of the table. 60 inches glass table tops are also available in the market.

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