How Tall is 6 Feet? Objects Compared to 6 ft.

With the covid protocol being established everywhere we quite got aware of what the distance of size feet looks like! However, with the restrictions slightly lifted you may again have confusion about what the exact size looks like! But now no more since we have these objects that are present right around us to help us determine the size of six feet!

Here are some of the most common objects around us that will help us to estimate the size of six feet and you will be surprised when we name some of them here!

How Tall is 6 Feet?

How Long is 6 Feet? 6 Feet = 72 inches = 182.88 cm = 2 yards = 1.8288 Meter

Common Things That are 6 Feet Long

1) The average height of a Refrigerator


You can just merely have a look at the refrigerator and there you will see that the height of the fridge is six feet! To be precise you can just measure it with a scale or a measuring tape to determine the height properly. If you wish to estimate the size then you do not have to run anywhere and can simply measure the size of six feet. The double-door fridge is a great example that we have right in front of our eyes to determine the size of 6 feet.

2) The length of a twin or full-size Mattress

Beds are made in different sizes according to the preference of the buyers! The twin-sized beds are appropriate to describe the length of 6 feet. If you have one full-sized twin bed in the house then it will be even easier for you to estimate the required length.

But if you do not have a six feet long bed in the house then you can go to the showroom and ask the shopkeeper to show you what a six feet long bed looks like. Thus here is another idea for your help.

3) Half of a Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle
Volkswagen Beetle

The model of Beetles Volkswagen is a great choice for you to determine the size of 6 feet! Beetle’s Volkswagen car is something that you may see in the showroom or on the road! If you can think of half of the size of Beetles then you will be able to estimate the size of six feet. This is a great example to describe the size of six feet with a given example. Here is a great choice of a car model to easily help you to visualize the size of six feet.

4) A Christmas Tree

Christmas is the season that brings joy and jubilance to the house! The size of a Christmas tree is six feet and more or less about that height! Since you see Christmas trees every year this is a great example for you to make a visual estimation of the required size. The artificial trees are about the height of 6 feet. Since we are looking for ideas to determine the size of six feet this is a common example that you can cite.

5) Height of six bowling pins

Bowling Pin
Bowling Pin

When you visit a bowling alley, you have to see what the bowling pins look like! There is a long bowling alley at the end of which bowling pins are placed! The player has to roll the ball and drop all ten pins for a perfect score of ten! The number of pins dropped higher! Now if you are planning to estimate the size of six feet then you simply have to align 5 such bowling pins on top of each other! Each of them measures 15 inches so when you think about five of them stacked one above the other you will understand how tall is 6 feet approximately.

6) Two Yardsticks

You must have seen what a yardstick looks like! It is found in almost all households and is a great idea for describing the height of six feet. The length of one of the yardsticks is 3 feet and if you wish to see what six feet look like glue two identical sticks in a line and you will get the total measurement of 6 feet. The markings are given on the yardstick making it easier for estimating the size of six feet easily! So have a look at two such yardsticks for getting the measurement of 6 feet and imagine it in front of your eyes.

7) Height of 2 Mailboxes


We all have a mailbox in the house for receiving the important letters, bills, and emails that come through the speed post or are dropped by the postman. This idea is great to estimate the size of 6 feet. The usual height of the mailboxes that we install in the house is about three feet and hence when we are talking about two such mailboxes one on top of another then you get a height of 6 feet!

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8) The average height of an Adult White Rhino

Adult White Rhino

The white rhino is a fantastic beast that describes a height of six feet! Here is a fabulous example that we have to visualize the given size. These rhinos are present in Reserve Forests and National Sanctuaries! If you have been to one such National Park you will be aware of such an animal and see rhinos with your eyes! If you did not visit a Zoological Park or Reserve then you can always opt for pictures on the internet. They grow up to a height of approximately six feet.

9) A Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat
Yoga Mat

The size of a yoga mat is ideal to describe the length of six feet! When you are using a yoga mat you have to see that the entire length of your body perfectly fits in the mat especially when you are stretching or performing pushups! If you are conscious about your health and thus have taken up the initiative of indulging in self-care through exercise then a mat must be lying around in the basket or near the corner of the room! Stretch it open and then measure it with a scale to know what the size of six feet looks like!

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10) Length of the Couch


The standard couch that can accommodate two people comfortably sitting together is more or less six feet! This is a perfect example to describe the length of 6 feet since we have couches in every house. If you wish to see what the length of six feet looks like you can simply walk into your living room and measure the sofa set to see the size of the same! If you have a small couch then that is the best way to describe the length of 6 feet precisely.

11) Length of the Adjustable Ladder

A ladder is another great example to describe the size of six feet! We need the adjustable ladder in the house for climbing a certain height if we need to retrieve something from the high cupboard or repair the roof of the shed in the garden! Adjustable ladders are perfect for understanding what the size of 6 feet looks like. You can extend the ladder higher to easily reach the leaking roof which is leaking and repair it! Adjustable ladders are useful in every household and you will easily find them around you.

12) Height of Coat Rack

Coat racks and hat stands are present near the door! They are useful for placing the coat or the wet hat if you have come back from rain or when it is snowing outside! The coat racks are an essential piece of furniture in the house where the coats can be stored properly and can be retrieved quickly before you are leaving for someplace. Check out this idea of a hat rack that is 6 feet tall and ideal to describe the given height. This is a great idea for describing the given measurement.

13) Length of a Rug


We lay the rug on the floor to beautify the room! They are customized with the theme of the room decor and the neutral shaded walls or the bright pastel tones. These rugs are made in different shapes and sizes according to the preference of the buyers. The standard six feet rugs are a great example for one to estimate the size of a given length. You can also visit a home decor shop to have a look at the six feet rug and choose one of our preferred shades.

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14) A standard Tablecloth

A tablecloth for dinner arrangement is a muso laid on a table that speaks of elegance and beauty! These table runners give a neat look to the table and on top of that, you can lay vases and gorgeous candle stands! These tablecloths are present in different lengths according to the size of the bed. The tablecloth of six feet is ideal for one to estimate the size of a given length! Depending on the number of seats that are present around the table, the length of the table increases accordingly and so is the length of the tablecloth.

15) Length of a Dog Leash

A dog leash is a great example that we can pick to describe the size of six feet with common examples that are present around us. It is good to use a leash when you are taking your dog out for a walk! This helps you to make sure that your pet does not run away and still can enjoy the fun of running around in the park or taking a walk. You will find a leash that is about six feet in length and best to know it properly.

16) Length of MacBook Air Charger Cord

The mobile phone chargers are small and hence they do not travel a long distance from the electric plug socket to where the device is placed. On the other hand, the MacBook Air chargers are pretty long and they extend over a greater distance. The average length of these chargers is 6 feet and if you have such a device at your home or have seen your friends use one then you must have a cone across the charger as well! Have a look at these chargers to estimate six feet properly.

17) A Guitar Chord

Guitar Chord
Guitar Chord

A guitar chord is also ideally able to describe the size of six feet. Those of us who take interest in playing the electric guitar or have learned how to play the instrument will know what exactly we are talking about! Here is an example of components associated with a musical instrument to describe the size of 6 feet. Hence if you have played the guitar or seen someone play one you have also noticed that cord from behind! The length of this guitar chord is 6 feet and is perfect to visualise the required size properly.

18) A High School Locker Cupboard

High School Locker Cupboard
High School Locker Cupboard

When you were in high school or if you are still a friend then you know about the high school locker. It is a very easy example that we have picked so you can easily visualize the size of six feet. The high school lockers are all about the height of six feet and have ample space to accommodate the books and jerseys. So if you take a tape and measure the locker next time you are in school, you will know exactly what we are talking about. If you are no longer a student then you simply have to recollect your teenage years for some reference.

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19) The length of a Cow or a Buffalo


We all have seen pictures of cows or buffalo. If you have been to a farm then you have seen them ample. A visit to the dairy farm also helps you to get a glimpse of these domestic animals. The cows can grow up to a length of six feet! They are of great use for obtaining dairy products and manufacturing the items like cheese, butter, etc. A buffalo is also of the same size of 6 feet and hence useful for describing the measurement of 6 feet with the example of an animal.

20) Two Guitars

The length of an acoustic guitar is three feet or 32 inches! If you take interest in playing the guitar then you must have used one! If your friend has one then you can ask him to show you the instrument so you can make a visual idea of what the size of three feet looks like! Now you have to think of two identical acoustic guitars in a line and you will have a total size of 6 feet in front of you. Hence here is another example to describe the size of six feet.

21) Length of a male Cougar


A cougar is a fierce beast that is considered the second largest wild cat after the scary jaguar. They live in areas like Northern Canada, South America, and Yukon. The male cougar grows up to the size of six feet and measures almost around 2.5 meters! The female, although not so long, can measure up to 2 meters. This is a great example to describe the size of six feet properly. You can observe the wild cat on National Geographic Channel or pictures on the internet.

22) Length of two Golden Retrievers

Golden retriever
Golden retriever

We all know how friendly these dogs are! They are absolutely adorable and one of the best friends of humans! If you have such a furry friend at home, in the neighborhood, or at your friend’s place then you have seen them for real! An adult golden retriever is as big as three feet in length! If you can make two such Golden Retrievers stand in a line then the total length will be equal to six feet. Here is another example that can easily help you to know the size of 6 feet.

23) A 1×6 Board

The 1×6 boards are available in the market for the construction of walls and false ceilings. They are also used for manufacturing furniture and cupboards, etc. The height of such boards is 6 feet. One needs this board for carpentry or when you wish to add the rustic touch of wood to the home decor as a part of a hobby. If you wish to see what these boards look like then visit a hardware or carpenter store to have a look at the 1×6 board that is sold in these shops.

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