How much is 100 grams? What weighs 100 grams?

Several things around us weigh 100 grams however it is difficult to look at an object and estimate the weight the same.

What weighs 100 grams?

Hence, we have listed below a couple of objects that will help you to compare the weights with 100 grams. It is relatively a small unit and is equivalent to 3.5 ounces. Hence the 100-gram objects that we have described below are useful for you to estimate the weight of 100 grams.

You can take the help of these objects to explain the weight of 100 grams which is also equivalent to 0.22 pounds.

1) A newly born puppies

The puppies that are newly born are of a tiny and adorable size. These newly born puppies that we are talking about are especially of the smaller breed. We can take up the example of Boston terriers, these puppies are about 100 grams in weight right after they are born. You must have seen these small puppies at your neighbor’s house or you might have observed one in the pet shop. Even if you have a small furry friend at your home, you can take them in your lap and note that the weight is around 100 grams. Puppies of the breed Chihuahuas and Beagles are of similar weight.

2) Small and adult mice

The mice that we see in the field are small and fragile creatures that are tiny and extremely cute. These field mice right after they are born weigh about 2 grams and as they gradually keep growing their weight reaches up to 30 grams. So if you can place three such adult field mice in the beam balance then you shall get a weight which is approximately 100 grams. Or you shall be needing 50 such infant mice which would be equivalent to 100 grams.

3) Weight of an average Pomegranate

We are all fond of pomegranates and it is easily available in the stores. The pomegranate has many nutritional values which are important for our health. If you can cut a medium-sized pomegranate into two halves, then each half will weigh about 87 grams. Thus a quarter and half of the pomegranate will be equal to the weight of 100 grams. Thus you can take this up as an example to explain the weight of 100 grams and since the fruit is easily available around us it is a suitable example that you can take to perceive the weight of 100 grams.

4) Apple mouse

The device mouse is of different weights and designed according to the needs of the company. This apple mouse which we use for navigating the cursor on our computers weighs approximately 100 grams. This product is lightweight and hence easy for you to carry around. You must have seen different devices that are manufactured by Apple and the mouse is one such creation that is convenient because of its weight. The relatively lighter weight of the mouse makes it more popular and useful among the buyers who prefer the Apple mouse over the rest.

5) A medium-sized tomato

Vegetables are always a good example that we can take help of to explain the weight of 100 grams. Here we shall take up the example of a medium-sized tomato that weighs about 100 grams.

6) A camping knife

Going on a tour or a camping session is very exciting and thrilling to make your weekends or holidays fantastic. However, you need to make sure that you are carrying a few essential tools on your way to use during the time of need. A camping knife is one such tool that is also a good example to describe objects of 100-gram weight. Thus the camping knife can be used as a good example for an object of 100 grams which is handy and perfect to carry on your trip.

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7) 100 Paper clips

Three different paper clips are available in the market. These paper clips are usually small or medium-sized ones. The larger ones are also available in the market. These paper clips which are small and are of medium size weigh about 1 gram. Thus if you can take about 100 of them in your hand then you will be able to estimate the average weight of 100 grams and perceive it well. The larger paper clips are about 1.5 grams each and hence you will be needing 90 such large paper clips and another small 10 to calculate the total weight.

8) Papers

As we all know that a sheet of paper is very light and when we hold a single leaflet in our hand it hardly has any weight. These papers are the standard US letter sheets which weigh about 4.5 grams. Hence we can simply calculate how many such papers we shall be required to estimate the weight of 100 grams. Here in this case you shall be needing a booklet of 22 to 24 pages to estimate the weight of 100 grams in real life.

9) 25 Earrings

The earrings come in different shades and look different according to the need of the style and decoration. The earrings are thus manufactured of different weights and while some are very heavy, you shall also find lighter ones to add to your look. These earrings are however standardized to size and weight of 4 grams and hence you shall be needing an approximate 25 earrings to make up for the weight of 100 grams. This is an example that comes quite in handy for you to explain the weight of 100 grams with different objects around us.

10) Human molar tooth

You must have been to a dentist at some point in your life or seen one in the pictures. The model or replica of the human molar is observed in dental care. Each human molar weighs up to 1.4 grams. A human has 12 molars in his entire lifetime. You shall be needing 71 molars to complete the weight of 100 grams. This is about equivalent to 6 human mouths which will add up to the weight of 100 grams. Thus the weight of a molar can be cited to describe the weight of 100 grams.

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11) 6 Chocolate chip cookies

The chocolate chip cookies that we buy in the store are about 16 grams each since we are all a fan of chocolate chip cookies. They are easily available in our houses as we bake them or bring them from the stores. If you can take about 6 such chocolate chip cookies then you will be able to obtain the approximate weight of 96 grams which is nearly the same as 100 grams and easy for your understanding. Six such chocolate chip cookies will do the work for you and then you can hog them down guilt-free.

12) Baby African penguins

The baby African penguins are much spotted on television if you tune your channel to a National Geographic channel, etc. Here you shall observe that the African penguins are shown and documented in their natural habitat. You may spot the adorable kids as well. The baby African penguins right after their birth weight are about 2 ounces which are about 56 grams each. Thus about two such baby African penguins will add up to the weight of 100 grams or approximately the same for you to perceive the weight with real-life objects.

13) 2 Garlic heads

The presence of garlic renders a marvelous taste and a fantastic flavor to any dish that you prepare. The garlic heads are about the weight of 50 grams provided they are of the standard size. These garlic cloves are good as an example to explain the weight of 100 grams. You shall need about 2 garlic heads which will be required to measure up to the weight of 100 grams. The garlic heads are thus a great example that is easily available for measuring the exact weight of 100 grams show it with things around us.

14) Chicken wings

The chicken wings are succulent and are required for creating delectable dishes. The chicken wings are about 100 grams in weight each. The chicken wings are a good example for citing the weight of 100 grams. We prepare different dishes with chicken wings and the roast or grilled dishes are very sumptuous for one to prepare. The standard weight of the chicken wings is 100 grams and you may take one in hand to explain the weight of 100 grams. Thus you may take up the example of chicken wings for explaining the weight of 100 grams.

15) 2 Medium eggs

If you are fond of chicken eggs then you must have seen them in your house on the kitchen counter. Before the egg is broken to prepare a dish you may take two such eggs in your hand and that shall provide you with the sensation of carrying a weight of 100 grams. Thus you can take up this as an example to show the different objects that are around us to explain the weight of 100 grams. Each of the medium-sized eggs weighs about 50 grams and hence if you take two in your hand the summation will be 100 grams and the weight exerted will be that of an object of 100 grams approximately.

16) Medium-sized car keys

The car keys are made of different sizes and shapes because of the different models of the cars for which it is required. The keychains that you shall require to attach to the car keys may also increase the weight of the car keys even further. However, we can say that the standard weight of the car keys along with the key chain will be somewhere around 100 grams. The heavier key chains will increase the weight even further or more than 100 grams.

17) A quarter teaspoon of sugar

We require sugar for making tea and for every other dish that we cook in the kitchen. When you visit a grocery store you often ask for a certain quantity of sugar be it one kilogram or 500 grams. If you take about a quarter teaspoon of sugar then it will weigh around 1grams. Hence an entire teaspoon of sugar will be of weighing four grams. About 25 such teaspoons of sugar shall be required to make up for the weight of 100 grams and explain with an example like this to estimate the weight of 100 grams.

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18) 100 Raisins

Grapes are dried to create raisins which are extremely tasty and nutritious for our diet. Each raisin weighs about 1 gram. You shall need 100 such raisins to describe the weight of 100 grams. You may such a handful of raisins in a weightless pouch and place them on the beam balance and you shall note that weight of 100grams. This is a good example to explain the weight of 100 grams. The raisins are a great example that we can vote to explain the weight of 100 grams.

19) 100 Ballpoint pen caps

If you have noticed that the caps of ballpoint pens are made of plastic and they are very light in weight. The caps of the ballpoint pen are manufactured with a weight of 1 gram. Hence if you have 100 such caps of ball-pointed pens then you shall be able to estimate the weight of 100 grams. The caps of ballpoint pens can be easily used to explain the weight of 100 grams. If you can collect about 100 such caps of ballpoint pens then you will easily realize the weight of 10p grams.

20) 4 AAA batteries

The AAA batteries are common in our houses and we need them for inserting into various devices to run them properly. These triple-A batteries weigh each around 24 grams and hence if you have four such triple-A batteries then the accumulated weight will be 96 grams which is very close to 100 grams.

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