How many inches is 20 cm? Objects that are 20 cm long

The 20 cm length is very common and you shall see it everywhere around you. The objects that are mentioned here are useful for explaining the length of 20 centimeters. The objects that are described here are pretty easy for you to explain and understand the length of mentioned objects of 20 cm in length.

How many inches is 20 cm?

How many inches is 20 cm? 20 cm = 7.87402 inches

Things that are 20 cm big

The 20-centimeter objects are very present all around us and we shall cite these examples for comprehending the dimension of 20 centimeters. Let us check out these examples for observing objects of 20 centimeters.

1) Half the length of a Bowling Pin

Bowling Pin
Bowling Pin

You must have seen bowling pins. These are used for playing games in the bowling alley. A ball is rolled in a straight line and the higher the number of bowling balls that are hit, the higher your score in the match. The bowling pins are clustered in number often at the end of the lane for the player to hit with the rolling ball. These bowling pins are of the length of 38.10 cm. Thus the bowling pins are about double the size of the length of 20 cm. In other words, we can say that a 20-centimeter length is about half the height of the bowling pin in one spot in the bowling alley.

2) 4 times the size of a Golf Tee

Golf Tee
Golf Tee

If you have the opportunity to visit the golf clubs or even watch a golf match then you shall be aware of the golf tees. These golf tees are each 5.40 centimeters. Thus we can say that almost four such golf tees need to be placed one on top of another to estimate the length of 20 centimeters. You may align four golf tees in a line and then you will roughly be able to estimate the length of 20 centimeters.

1 golf tee = 5.40 centimetres

Therefore,4 golf tees = 5.40×4= 21.60 cm.

Thus we see that golf tees can be a good example to state the length of 20 cm and describe it with different objects around us.

3) 1/9th the height of a refrigerator

The standard side-to-side refrigerators are manufactured in a standard size which is helpful for us to compare their height with different measurements to express them in real life. We all have refrigerators in our houses to keep the food fresh and about 179 centimeters thus we may carry out a simple calculation to determine that 20 cm is in reality about 1/10 the size of the side to side refrigerator.

4) 1/10th of a Full-size bed

There are different lengths and breadth in which the beds are designed. The modern beds have different dimensions according to the preference of the buyer and their comfort. The full-size standard beds are however made up to a length and breadth which is maintained more or less constant. The standard full-size beds share a length of 190.50 centimeters. Hence if we carry out the process of calculation we shall see that 20 cm is about 1/10th the size of the length of the given beds of full size.

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5) About 1/10th the size of a Queen size beds

The queen size beds are very comfortable and great for accommodating two individuals. The size of the queen size bed is about 203.20 centimeters. This size of the queen size bed is almost maintained constant by the manufacturing companies. Thus if we consider the length of the Queen size bed which is 203.20 centimeters. This standard length for the queen size is maintained constant by the companies. Thus 20 cm is almost 1/10 of the length of these queen size beds.

6) 1/10th the size of a Christmas Tree

As we prepare for the celebrations of the winter season and welcome the fun and frolic of Christmas, our houses must be decorated for celebrating the grand occasion. The presence of a Christmas tree is almost indispensable to the seasonal celebration and we might have all seen a standard height, medium Christmas tree which can be used as a parameter for comparison. These medium-sized Christmas trees are about 230 cm in length and thus we can estimate that 20 centimeters will be about 1/10 of the size of the Christmas trees.

7) 14 times the size of an aspirin tablet

An aspirin tablet is usually the size of about 1.40 centimeters. Thus if we calculate we shall see that about fourteen such tablets need to be lined in an order to create the length of 20 centimeters. These aspirin tablets are pain killers and are used for various other medical and clinical purposes. Thus we must be having aspirin tablets in our medicine boxes at home. You can search in one such box to get hold of these tablets and align fourteen such in a line.

8) 1/30th size of a giraffe


We all are always inquisitive to see a giraffe which is indeed a fantastic animal that intrigues us. The long neck of the giraffe is fascinating and you must have spotted them in the zoo or the National Park that you have visited. If you haven’t been to such a place then you might have also seen it on the television. These giraffes grow up to the height of 570 centimeters. Thus almost one-thirtieth of the length of the giraffe is equal to 20 centimeters.

9) 1/12th the size of a Beetle by Volkswagen

Volkswagen Beetle
Volkswagen Beetle

The Beetle by Volkswagen is about the length of 407.90 centimeters. Hence we can use it as an excellent example to explain the length of 20 centimeters since this model of the car is usually everywhere around us. If we carry out a simple calculation then we shall see that 1/12th the size of the length of the car is equal to the length of 20 cm. We can thus cite this as an example to explain the length of 20 centimeters.

10) 1/40th the size of the London bus

London Bus
London Bus

If you are a resident of London or have been to the place for a visit then you must have spotted the London buses. Even if you have watched the movie Harry Potter you must have seen these buses and have an idea of their shape and length. The length of the London buses is 838 centimeters. Thus it is about 1/40th the size of 8838 centimeters is equal to 20 cm. We are able to describe the length of 20 cm with the help of the example of the London buses.

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11) 1/65th the size of a Brachiosaurus


If you are intrigued by the history of ancient earth then your interest probably lies in dinosaurs. And although it is insane and impossible for you to sight a living or dead body of a Brachiosaurus anywhere right now, you can easily see the models that are designed in the museum.

These Brachiosaurus were about the length of 1,300 centimeters. Hence we can say that 20 cm is about 1/65th the size of these ancient creatures, models which you might spot in the zoological center and museums in your city.

12) 1/55th of a Telephone pole

Telephone Pole
Telephone Pole

Spotting a telephone pole at the end of the lane or somewhere near your house is a very common occurrence. These telephone poles are quite long and if we shall take their example to estimate the value of 20 centimeters and describe it in real life then let us be very clear that it will be about very small compared to the height. These telephone poles are usually measuring up to 1,100 centimeters. Hence 20 centimeters shall be 1/55th the size of the telephone pole that you might have spotted on the road.

13) 1/75th the size of a Semi-Trailers

Semi-Trailer Truck
Semi-Trailer Truck

The semi-trailers are quite huge and they measure a length that is so enormous compared to the length of 20 centimeters. These semi-trailers are usually used for carrying huge and heavy vehicles in the back. The length of these semi-trailers is about 1,463 centimeters. It is calculated that 20 centimeters are about 1/75th the size of the semi-trailers which is a very small size compared to the entire portion of the vehicle. Thus we can use this example to explain the length of 20 centimeters and describe it in real life.

14) 1/95th of the Bowling alley

Bowling Alley

The bowling alley is where you visit to play the game of bowling. The bowling alleys are set up in the game parlor or the game zones in the shopping malls and complexes. If you have been to such a bowling alley you shall note that the lanes of bowling are long and at the end, the bowling pins are set up for you to roll the ball and hit the pins for the score. The bowling lanes are about the length of 1,915.60 centimeters. It is calculated that 20 centimeters are about 1/95th the size and length of the bowling alley.

15) 1/75th of the Hollywood Sign’s height

Hollywood Sign
Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign is present in the mountains of Santa Monica which is also called the Hollywood Hills. These alphabets are outstretched on the edge of the cliffs and each of them has a height of 1,915.60 centimeters. Thus the measure of 20 centimeters is about 1/75th the size of the height of each alphabet of the Hollywood sign. In comparison to the Hollywood sign, the measurement of 20 centimeters is quite small to note.

16) A Dinner Fork

For dinner, the forks used are of dinner size and shapes, some are used for desserts while others are for picking up the salad. The standard dinner forks which are mostly provided by the restaurants and the hotels are about 7 inches. We shall note that 20 cm is equal to 7.87 inches and thus a dinner fork is a good example for explaining the length of 20 centimeters with different objects around us in real life. These dinner forks are easily available and hence we can simply take up the example of one such fork to explain and visualize the length of 20 centimeters.

17) Pool Balls

Pool ball
Pool ball

We can also take up the example of pool balls. You must have seen a pool ball during the game of pool or even played on the table. In either case, you must be aware of the standard diameter of the pool balls and their approximate size. These pool balls are made up to a diameter of 2.25 inches and thus if we can align four such pool balls in a row then we will be able to draw a straight line following the diameter then we shall obtain the length of 20 cm.

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18) The standard length of a Carrot

The standard length of the fully grown carrot is about 20 centimeters. Not all the carrots are of the same size and their length is approximately 6 to 8 inches. The standard length of these carrots this estimated at up to 20 centimeters and hence is useful for taking up this one as a good example to show the length of 20 centimeters. When you eat a carrot probably the idea of measuring its length has not occurred to you. Next time before chopping the carrots to pieces make sure to measure their length as well.

19) Business envelopes

The standard business envelopes are usually manufactured up to a certain fixed length. These business envelopes are about 20.5cmwhich is a good example of estimating the length of 20-cm in real life.

20) 3 Post-it notes

Post It Notes
Post It Notes

The post-it notes are usually required for pointing down important data and are usually spotted on the desk of a student or at the office. Each length of the post-it note is 7.6 centimeters and thus you might require 3 such post-it notes in real life for estimating 20-cm.

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