How long is 3 feet?

We often come across different objects in life but we do not always think about their actual measurement, do we? We glance at these things but we hardly care to think about their measurements. Similarly, when asked how long is 3 feet, we are left twiddling our thumbs.

Today, we will try to get an estimate of 3 feet by comparing it with different objects around us. These objects will help you to understand the length of three feet and understand things around us that are of similar height. Let us show you these objects and discuss them in detail with suitable instances.

How many inches is 3 feet?

How many inches is 3 feet? 3 feet = 36 inches

Examples of Objects compared to 3 feet

Here is a comprehensive list of common day-to-day objects compared to 3 feet.

1) Baseball Bat

You must have seen the boys in the neighborhood playing baseball on the ground or must have played it yourself as a child. These baseball bats are standardized to a particular size. The manufacturing companies of the baseball bats make these bats of the standard height of three feet. You can see this if you visit a sports shop and look at the baseballs aligned one after the other on the shelves. If you measure these bats then more or less they will measure up to 3 feet. Thus you can look at the baseball bats and estimate the height of 3 feet.

2) Kitchen countertop

The kitchen countertops are manufactured with stones or marble. The kitchen countertop is usually built at a height from where we can easily reach out the utensils placed above and work and chop veggies on the stone slab. This reachable height is about 3 feet and you can look at the kitchen counter to estimate the height of 3 feet and define it with an example. The kitchen countertop is a fascinating example that you may cite to describe the height of 3 feet with well-defined examples.

3) 3 two-liter soda bottles

The two-liter bottles are estimated to be of the height of one foot. Thus if you can collect three such empty soda bottles and align them in a straight line then you will see that the additive length is 3 ft. This is a good example for you to imagine hence the two-liter bottles are available around us. The three two-liter soda bottles stacked one above the other is a useful example that we can cite to explain the height of three feet. These bottles are easily found in the markets and you may buy these soda bottles to explain the height of three feet

4) Three long sub sandwiches

We all hog down the sub sandwiches the moment they are handed over to us. These sub sandwiches are usually up to the length of 1 foot and a great deal of fulfilling breakfast or snacks for you to relish. So the next time you are ordering subs for your friends and yourself make sure to measure them and check whether they are of the length 1 foot. Now you can align the three sin sandwiches in your mind or in real to estimate the required length of 3 feet with objects around us.

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5) Tire of a vehicle

We all have seen different kinds of tired like the truck tires or the car tires which vary in size. The standard tires are of the height of 3 feet which makes it a good example for us to refer to when we wish to describe the measurement of 3 feet with examples around us. The tire of a vehicle is easily spotted everywhere around us and if you wish to measure them then you must go to the garage and estimate their height with a measuring tape. The tire shops can also provide you with the exact model that is 3 feet in height( by the height of the tire we refer to the diameter from edge to edge passing through the center).

6) Guitar

Some of us are great musicians and have taken an interest in playing the guitars. These guitars are available in different sizes and shapes depending on the type that you are buying, maybe an electric guitar or any other. If you own a guitar then you can simply take the instrument and make it stand on the bottom round portion. The height that it shall reach is about 3 feet. Thus we see that a guitar, a musical instrument, can be used as an example to explain the height of 3 feet with different objects around us.

7) 3 sheets A4 size paper

The A4 size papers are quite long and often required for writing letters or while submitting applications. A student may also draw on the A4 papers that are very commonly available around us and you must take into account that three such A4 sheets when placed in a straight line along the length axis will equate to the length of 3 feet approximately to explain with an example.

8) A Golden Retriever

The size of an adult golden retriever is about two feet to three feet tall. If you have a golden retriever in your house for a pet then you must have observed it standing on its two paws upright. At this posture, you can estimate the height and measure the total length of your doggo friend. If you take the measuring tape then you shall see that they are around the approximate length of two to three feet which is a convenient example for you to spot. The breeds related to the golden retrievers are shown the adult’s height of around three feet.

9) Waist height of an Average man

An average height of a person is about 5 feet 8 inches. The waist height of such a person is almost 36 inches which translates into 3 feet. If you take a measuring tape and measure the length from the waist to the tip of the toe, you will see that the approximate height is about 3 feet. Hence this can be cited as an appropriate and useful example to visualize the height of three with real-life examples. The waist-length of the man, in that case, can be taken into account.

10) About half the size of a King-size bed

We have all seen a King-size bed in furniture shops or the interior decoration showroom. The King-sized beds are useful for you to estimate the length of three feet. The standard size of the King-sized beds is about 76 inches x 80 inches. So that means the width of a King size bed is 6.33 feet. Hence the three feet is almost half of that of the king-sized bed. Thus we can take up the example of the king-sized beds to estimate the size of three feet and describe it with an example.

11) Two-and-a-half times as tall as a Bowling Pin

We all have played a bowling game with our friends in the game zones or at least know what the bowling game looks like if we did not get the chance to play it. The bowling alley consists of a long line at the end of which the bowling pins are placed. These pins need to be hit by the rolling bowl used by the player and the more the number of bowling pins falls the greater the point.

Bowling pins are a great example for you to explain the height of three feet. The actual height of each pin is about 1.250 feet. Hence almost two and a half pins need to be imagined one top of another to estimate the total height of 3 feet.

12) Two-fifth of a Christmas tree

The original size of the actual Christmas tree is about 7.50 feet. Hence if we conduct some simple calculations we shall see that the height of three feet is about half the size of these artificial conifers. To be precise we can see that the measurement of three feet is exactly 2/5th the height of the Christmas tree.

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13) One-fifth of the Beatles by Volkswagen

This is a vehicle that we have seen mostly on the road and a commonly spotted example that we can cite to describe the height of three feet. The actual length of the car is 13.380 feet. Hence we can say that the height of three feet is about one-fifth the length of the Beatles that you spot on the road and or must be owning one. You can take the example of this vehicle to imagine the length of three feet in front of your eyes.

14) One fifth as tall as a giraffe

The giraffe is a fascinating animal that you must have seen in a zoo or national park. These long-necked herbivores measure about 19 feet when they are in their adult stage of life. Thus we can say that three feet are about one-fifth the size of the giraffe which is found in the national reserves. The long neck of the giraffe has intrigued scientists over the years and the emergence of such a long neck is controversial, however, we can take this as an example to estimate the length of 3 feet.

15) One-tenth of a London buses

The residents of London are aware of the buses that are frequently spotted on the road. If you did not have the opportunity to visit London then you must have seen these buses in different movies or you can simply open the browser and search for pictures of London buses on the Internet. You shall note that the original length of the buses is 27.50 feet. Thus the measurement of three feet is calculated to be 1/10 the size of the buses to describe the length of three feet for example.

16) One-tenth of a telephone pole

The original length of the telephone poles is about 36 feet. Hence we can see that three feet are almost 1/10 th the size of the telephone poles. Hence in your mind, if you can divide the image of the telephone pole at the end of the street into ten equal pieces, then one of the portions will resemble the height of three feet. You can use this as an example to explain the height of three feet very easily. Thus with calculations, we can see that 3 feet is more or less 1/10 th of 36 feet.

17) One-fifteenth as tall as a Brachiosaurus

If you saw the model of the ancient reptile in the museum then you must have come across the models or bony caricature of a Brachiosaurus. These giant reptiles used to be about the length of 43 feet. If you are the kind of individual who takes interest in history then this will be a fascinating example for you to draw comparisons. The models in the museum and zoological survey centers are helpful for you to observe the length of an extinct animal of 43 feet and use it as an example for describing three feet.

18) 1/15th of a Semi-trailer

The semi-trailers are used for carrying large vehicles and transporting damaged models or new ones. These trailers have a flat platform and the entire length of the vehicle is 48 feet. Thus we will be needing the example of a semi-trailer to describe the height of 3 feet which is about 1/15th of the total length of 48 feet. You can use this example as a suitable choice to describe the height of 3 feet and visualize it in front of your eyes.

19) One-fifteenth the size of the Hollywood in Mount Lee

The Hollywood sign on the mountains of California( Mount Lee, Hollywood Hills, Santa Monica Mountains,) measures a height of 49 feet. Thus the measurement of 3 feet is about 1/15 the size of the alphabet on the mountains. This is another example that we can give to describe the height of three feet by comparing it with commonly spotted objects around us.

20) Seventeen times a Golf tee

The height of the golf tees is about 0.180 feet. Hence we shall be needing 17 such golf tees to add up to the height of 3 feet.

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