How Long is 2 Meters? Things That Are 2m Long

Many times in life, we confront a situation where we have to estimate 2 meters. Without the help of a measuring scale or an object that is 2 meters big, it can be a difficult task.

We often say that a certain object measures one meter or two meters, and so on. The unit of meter is a very commonly cited length that we use to describe the length of different entities around us.

However, it becomes easier to describe the measurement of two meters if we have several examples to cite. Here are some commonly spotted things around us that we have used to describe the size of two meters. Let us have a look at these objects that are two meters in length and are helpful for one to visualize the size well.

How Big is 2 Meters?

How Big is 2 Meters? 2 meters = 6.56168 Ft = 78.74016 inch = 200 cm

Things That Are 2 Meters Long

1) Height of the internal doors

We are talking about the doors that are installed between the two rooms. The size of the doors is standardized to a particular size so that any individual can leave and enter through the door comfortably. The height of the doors is thus maintained constant at 198cm, or 6.5 feet. This value is equivalent to 2 meters which makes it the first example in the list that we can cite to describe the length of two meters easily. Since we see doors all the time, this is the most common example that we can use for the description.

2) Length of a king-sized bed

There are different sizes of beds that are manufactured for the users. The size and the shape of the bed depend on the preference of the buyers and thus the companies sell beds that are of myriad shapes and lengths. The King-sized beds are the longest bed that you will need to describe the size of two meters. Now the length of the bed is two meters for a giant king-size bed and a good example that we can use for describing two meters.

3) Length of a Lion (excluding tail)


Lions are the king of the Jungle, they are fierce beasts that rule over the animal kingdom and one must have spotted a lion when they visited the parks and the Zoological Centres. The male lions are certainly longer than the female ones. They measure about 210 centimeters which is equivalent to almost two meters. The measurement of the size of the lion varies between 190 to 210 centimeters and hence on average, we can say that the size of an adult male lion from nose to tip of the tail is 2 meters.

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4) The neck of the giraffe

Giraffe's Neck
Giraffe’s Neck

Giraffes are the longest land dwellers. They have an average height of between 4.6 to 6.1 meters. Hence you can imagine how tall these animals are! You must have seen these animals in Zoological parks and Reserve forests dwelling in their natural habitat.

It shall be noted that the height of the neck of the giraffe itself is 2 meters and hence can be cited as an example to describe the height of two meters precisely. Hence just by having a look at the height of the neck of the adult giraffe, you will be able to note the size of two meters.

5) Christmas tree

Christmas is the time for celebration and enjoyment. The event of Christmas is incomplete without the Christmas tree at home. Some of these trees are artificial ones while some of them are cut down when the height of the common spruce, fir, and pine is around two meters. Hence every year you see a two meters long tree parked right in the middle of the room. There is nothing as brilliant as the example of a Christmas tree to describe the height of approximately two meters.

6) Two Tennis net posts

If you have ever been to a tennis court or you are someone who practices this game as a hobby then you must have seen the tennis net posts. The net is used to divide the court into two halves for the players. These nets are supported by two poles at both the ends and each of them measures one meter. Hence if you can imagine two such poles one on top of the other then you will be able to estimate the additive length of 2 meters. Thus here is another example that we can use to describe the length of two meters properly.

7) Two Baseball Bats

Baseball Bat
Baseball Bat

All of us have played baseball in our childhood, in the neighborhood, or in the park in the locality. Thus we have seen baseball bats. They are either made of metal, wood, etc, and are broader at the tip and become thinner towards the end. If you have not yet had the opportunity to see what a baseball bat looks like then you can simply visit the sports shop to have a look at them. The average length of these bats is one meter which makes sure if you have two such bats in a like then we can add up to the distance of two meters.

8) Six and a Half Rulers

The long steel or wooden rulers that a student requires in school is of the length of 30 centimeters. So if you wish to observe a length that is equivalent to 2 meters then you have to align seven such rulers in a line to estimate the measurement of two meters. Hence here is another technique to determine the length of two meters precisely without any hassle as we all have rulers in the house or can buy a handful from the stationery store.

9) Six bottles of Wine

We all are fond of wine and they come in different exotic flavors. The height of each of the bottles is more or less kept constant, which helps us to determine the length of two meters with a help of comparison that we can draw here. Now we see that the height of each of the wine glass bottles is around 12 inches or one foot. Hence if you can imagine six such bottles placed on top of another or placed on the ground according to their length axis then you will get the measurement of two meters.

10) Six two-liter bottles

Be it the two liters of soda bottles or the water bottles, they can both be used to describe the length of two meters. Each of the two liters bottles is 13 inches in height. Hence if you can collect six such empty bottles and align them in a row according to their length then you will get a measurement of 78 inches which is equivalent to 2 meters. This is another effective example that we can pick to describe the given length of two meters with different objects that are easily spotted around us.

11) Thirteen iPhone XR

Some of you own the model of the iPhone XR while some of us must have seen it in the showroom and the mobile shops. If you observe the size of a model iPhone XR then you shall note that the length of the phone is 15 centimeters. If you can imagine thirteen such models in a line then one will be able to add up to the length of 2 meters effectively. Here is another example that can describe the size of two meters easily.

12) A Female Cougar


These are also called mountain lions which are fierce and belong to the world of wild cats. The male cougars are of a length that is larger than the size of the female cougars. The female cougars are of length of 2 meters to 2.5 meters. They are a good example to describe the size of 2 meters. The female cougars can be spotted in the Zoological Garden and if you did not have the opportunity to visit the zoo then can view pictures on the internet to estimate the size of two meters precisely.

13) The height of a Kangaroo’s jump

We do not always spot a kangaroo pumpkin around us but you can simply tune into the animal’s geographic channel to learn about their moves and observe the animals in their natural habitat. These kangaroos are residents of Australian jungles and if you switch onto these channels then you will see the jumping and playing around. Their leap is as high as 2 meters and hence a good example that we can use to describe the length with different entities present around us. The kangaroo’s jump is a wonderful and striking example indeed!

14) Length of the Grand Piano

Grand Piano
Grand Piano

The length of the grand piano is somewhere estimated to be around 2 meters. If you had the chance to visit a musical concert where the grand piano was being played then you must have seen how long it is. A visit to the musical shop will also allow you to have a look at such grand instruments. Those of you who have seen Shrek 2, might remember the scene with the fairy Godmother. Hence here is another example that we can draw to describe the length of 2 meters for your better understanding.

15) Length of the world’s Shortest road

Ebenezer Place in Wick
Ebenezer Place in Wick

The Ebenezer Place in Wick is another example to describe the remarkable length of 2 meters. It is to be noted that this is regarded as the shortest road in the world and the length of the road is only 2 meters. This has also been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records and thus we can use it as an instance to describe the length of 2 meters. Such remarkable examples are good for one to describe the length accurately which helps one to visualize and imagine the distance properly.

16) Height of two Tennis nets

Tennis Net
Tennis Net

The tennis nets are observed in sports shops or when you have seen them on the tennis court if you are a professional tennis player. The length of the tennis nets is about one meter and if you wish to visualize the height of two meters then you simply have to imagine two such nets placed one above the other and the accumulated height will be two meters. This is a good example again with sports equipment to describe the length of two meters precisely. You must have a look at the tennis net next time to determine the height of two meters.

17) One and one-tenth times the size of a refrigerator

The average height of a refrigerator that we use in our houses is 1.7 meters and hence when you need to compare the height of a refrigerator with that of the length of two meters, the given length is one and one-tenth the size of the refrigerator. These devices are required in the house for keeping the food fresh in the hot summer months and the drinks cold. Having a refrigerator in the house is a necessity these days with the rising temperature outside.

18) One-fourth as long as the London Bus

London Bus
London Bus

If you are a regular resident of London then you have seen the buses and even board them regularly. If you have the chance to visit the city, then you have to see these buses for yourself. The length of the bus is 8.380 meters and hence when we compare it with the length of 2 meters then the given measurement is one-fourth the size of the London Buses. You can even look for pictures on the internet to estimate the size of two meters with more precision.

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19) Five and a half times the size of the bowling pin

Bowling Pin
Bowling Pin

The general height of each of the bowling pins is 0.3810 meters. Hence when both the values are compared it is observed that the measurement of two meters is five and a half times more than the length of the bowling pins.

20) One-fifth the size of the telephone pole

Telephone Pole
Telephone Pole

The average length of the telephone poles is 11 meters. This height is beneficial to describe the length of two meters because it was observed that the length of 2 meters is only one-fifth th3 size of the telephone pole.

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