Pictionary Game (600+ Fun Words)

Pictionary Game (600+ Fun Words)

Pictionary is a fun game that can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. The game can be played in various kinds of situations – parties, family get-togethers, icebreaker sessions, etc. Drawing and guessing are essential parts of the game. One player draws a word that is intimated and other designated players must … Read more

Ghosts In The Graveyard (Rules, Instructions & Tips)

Ghosts In The Graveyard Game

Ghosts in the graveyard is a traditional game that every child enjoys. This article consists of guidelines on how to play the game, rules, tips, and variations to the classic game. After reading this article you will be fully equipped to have as much fun as you can with this game. How To Play Ghost … Read more

Two Truths And A Lie (150+ Examples & Ideas)

Two Truths And A Lie

‘Two Truths And A Lie’ game serves as a fun icebreaker for groups of all sizes and ages. Through the game, one can learn many secrets and understand the personality of other players. Therefore, it can also be played while forming new work teams and embarking on group projects. It serves as a fun icebreaker … Read more

Chubby Bunny Challenge (How Many Can You Do?)

Chubby Bunny Challenge

The Chubby Bunny challenge is a game frequently played among young campers around a bonfire. The fun challenge involves players putting more and more marshmallows in their mouths and clearly saying ‘Chubby Bunny‘. The person who is able to audibly say ‘Chubby Bunny‘ with the most number of marshmallows in their mouth, wins the challenge. … Read more

31 Fun Beach Games For Everyone!

31 Fun Beach games for Kids, Adults & Families

As summer approaches, beaches become more and more popular as a spot to relax. You can find people all over sunbathing, enjoying the ocean, having a picnic, and playing games. The following beach games in the article can make the visit to the beach fun for both adults and kids. For adults, the games provide … Read more

34 Character Building Activities & Games for Kids

Character Building Activities for Kids

Character building activities for kids can be very vital for the overall growth and development of children. An important aspect of the holistic development of kids is learning social, moral, and ethical skills. Values like caring about other people, empathy, honesty, morality, ethical responsibility, and understanding emotions are important facets of one’s personality. Parents and … Read more

Easy & Simple Card Games for Kids

Easy & Simple Card Games for Kids

Children nowadays are so familiar and engrossed with computer and mobile games that they may not even be aware of cards let alone card games for kids. So it’s up to parents to introduce them to card games as not only these are perfect group games but also fantastic icebreakers at parties. The different types … Read more

31 Fun Challenges to Light Up Your Party

31 Fun Challenges to Light Up Your Party

Fun challenges always lighten up a party or a gathering. The right fun challenges have the power of blowing life back into a boring party. These cool challenges for kids and even adults keep you on your toes and foster healthy competition that will make any party unpredictable and enjoyable. Fun Physical Challenges TikTok Dance … Read more

Mall Scavenger Hunt List & Ideas

Mall Scavenger Hunt List & Ideas

The mall scavenger hunt is a fun activity for all age groups. Members participating in a scavenger hunt are divided into teams of 4-6 members. Smaller teams make the hunt more challenging and fun. All teams are given a checklist of tasks that they must complete in the stipulated time. As they go through the … Read more

Mother May I Game Rules, Instructions & Variations

Mother May I Game Rules & instructions

Mother May I is a fun, social game that has been played by children for a long time now. Though traditionally designed for kids, making a few variations makes the game enjoyable for teens and adults as well. It’s a perfect game to spend quality time with your kids. Kids of all ages can play … Read more