Dove vs Pigeon (With Table)

Birds like the Peacock, Mighty Hunter Hawk, Owls, and Penguins can be seen around us. Among these beautiful creatures, the most common birds are Dove and Pigeon. The differences between pigeons and doves are mostly associated with a color and a general appearance. Both of these species belong to the family of Columbidae, but there are certain features that make them different. So let’s dive deep into dove vs pigeon.

There are 308 species of birds under the Columbidae family. In terms of scientific nomenclature, there are no differences between a Dove and a Pigeon. Most people in a region have their own classification of these birds, which makes them different.

The key difference between a Dove and a Pigeon is the size. Pigeons are larger in size when compared to Doves. Pigeons have a plump body and their tails are round in shape. On the other hand, Doves have pointed tails and their bodies are stout with short legs and beaks.

Comparison Table: Dove vs Pigeon

Body sizeDoves are smaller in size compared to a pigeon.Pigeons are bigger in size when compared to a Dove.
SpeciesBelong to the Columbidae family but are different species.Also belongs to the Columbidae family and is a separate species.
FoodDoves feed on insects and worms to survive.Pigeons depend on seeds and fruits to survive.
CallsDoves have a melodious cooing and mating call.Pigeons don’t have a very melodious call.
The shape of the tailThe tail of a Dove has a pointed shape.The tail of a Pigeon is more rounded in terms of shape.
Dove vs Pigeon Twix Table
Dove vs Pigeon
Dove vs Pigeon

What are Doves?


Dogs belong to the class Aves under the Columbidae family. Along with pigeons and 300 other species, Doves are very common in many regions of the world.

They are referred to as the ‘love birds’ in multiple literary works throughout history. For celebrating good causes, species of doves like the release dove are released during weddings or other ceremonies. Doves are a symbol of love, harmony, and peace.

Doves have a stout body along with short legs and beaks. They also have pointed tails. Every species has a different kind of marking of their body which makes them unique and beautiful.

Doves do not have a permanent habitat and are found almost everywhere except the desert and the Antarctic regions. Doves are very good pets as well.

The Ring-necked Dove and Diamond Dove are perfect for some people. They do not require high maintenance or any kind of social interaction. Their interactions with each other are fun to watch and the coos are melodious.

Doves are free-spirited birds than the other birds who easily get accustomed to cage life. Doves need a wider birdcage so that they can fly around and move their bodies. Birds seed on seeds that are filled with a bit of grit and calcium.

During the breeding season, they specifically look for these seeds. Doves are known as the symbol of peace as these birds love to live a hands-free and independent life. Deccan lives harmoniously with other birds of their species.

In terms of reproduction, dogs mate for life and are monogamous in nature. The female dog lays two eggs which take 13 to 19 days to process incubation. Both the parent birds take part in the caring process of their young ones.

After the hatching of the eggs, the parents feed them with crop milk. This is a curd-like material and is a partially digested food from the parents.

What are Pigeons?


Pigeons also belong to the Columbidae family. There are around 250 species of pigeons that are found in multiple habitats. You will find pigeons in the areas surrounding Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Western Pacific.

Pigeons are really social birds and can be seen in public areas. Pigeons have plump bodies. They are gentle and small billed birds with a cere between the bill and the forehead.

Pigeons have the characteristic feature of bobbing their heads. Makes them recognizable and different from the other species. They have powerful flight muscles and long wings that make them swift fliers. The tale of the pigeon is round in shape and is really attractive.

Pigeons make great pets but they have to rest on a daily basis. They are very good navigators and usually come back to their breeders when they are set free. Pigeons have a very good sense of direction, intensity, and polarity which makes it easy for them to fly long distances.

Previously humans used to take advantage of their flight and sent letters to one another. Because of this reason, pigeons were greatly affected as well.

This person was in nature and the eggs are cared for by both the parents. During the night the female looks after it and during the day the male look after it. Sometimes pigeons kill their own children during a process known as scalping.

These intelligent birds show multiple signs of worry and grief when taken away from their partners. It is very easy to train a pigeon and teach a few tricks.

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Difference Between Dove and Pigeon

1) Origin of the words

Both the terms Dove and Pigeon have a different origin story. The word dove originated from Nordic languages whereas the word Pigeon came from French.

2) Body size

The body size of a Pigeon is larger than that of a Dove.

3) Shape of the tail

The Pigeons have a rounded tail. On the other hand, the Dove has a pointed tail.

4) Calls

The Dove bird has a melodious call. Whereas the Coos of the pigeon is not so melodious.

5) Type of Species

Both the species are different from each other but fall under the same category of Columbidae.

6) Food

Pigeons are mainly herbivores that feed on seeds or fruits. The Doves, on the other hand, feed on the insects and worms.

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The difference between a dove and a pigeon is in terms of their size and physical features. Both these birds are good domestic birds and are very easy to maintain. These birds can also be taught multiple tricks. The pigeons are bigger in size and have the characteristic feature of head bobbing. On the other hand, doves are known as docile creatures. They are also called ‘lovebirds’ and represent peace and harmony.

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