Difference Between Korat and Russian Blue (With Table)

When it comes to adopting a pet, cats seem to have won a lot of hearts. No one can stay away from these fluffy balls of fur. The adorable behaviors of a cat make people smile and play with them. With multiple breeds of cats around the world, the Korat and Russian Blue are very popular cats. It is difficult to point out the difference between Korat and Russian Blue but a few characteristics can help to distinguish them.

The main difference between the Korat and the Russian Blue is based on their nature. While Korat is playful and loving, Russian Blue is calmer and sensitive.

Based on the physical features, Korat has gunmetal-colored gray fur whereas Russian Blue has bluish-black fur. Both breeds are very intelligent and behave well. Sometimes they are mistaken for their looks. Both of them have gray fur and green eyes.

The Korat has a face shape that looks like a heart. Whereas the Russian Blue has a face that looks like a wedge. Korat cats are heavier as compared to the Russian Blue cats.

Comparison Table: Korat VS. Russian Blue

Criteria Korat Russian Blue
OriginOriginated in ThailandOriginated in Arkhangelsk, Russia
Face shapeKorats have heart-shaped faces.Russian Blues have a wedge-shaped face.
NatureKorats are like jungle cats who love to stay active throughout the whole day.Russian Blues likes the cold climate and is very calm and composed.
BehaviorKorats are mostly playful and mischievous.Russian Blues are well behaved and sensitive to changes.
Fur colorThey have a gunmetal-colored gray fur color.They have a bluish-black fur color.
Eye colorKorats have peridot green (yellowish) eyes.Russian Blues have emerald green eyes.
BodyweightKorats are more stout and heavy in comparison to Russian Blues.Russian Blues are regular-sized cats with little to no fat.
Korat VS. Russian Blue Table
Difference between Korat and Russian Blue
Difference between Korat and Russian Blue

About Korat

Korat is a very famous cat breed. They are known for their gunmetal-colored gray fur which has shades of silver and blue on it. The face of the Korat has a shape similar to a heart. They have a medium-sized tail that is rounded at the end. Because of their uniqueness and popularity, Korat cats are largely used for crossbreeding.

As for the nature of the cats, Korat cats have a very affectionate nature with some added dominating traits. The cat tends to crave a lot of attention from its owner.

Korat cats have a very curious personality and like to stay active by indulging in all kinds of engaging activities. The owner has to constantly make sure that the cat is engaged with the toys in order to stay physically and mentally fit.

Korats are always charming and good at winning the hearts of your guests. Korat cats should be kept inside at all times in order to avoid catching a disease from the stray cats.

In Thailand, Korat cats are a symbol of great luck and prosperity. They are a natural breed that originated in Thailand and the people there take a lot of pride in their cats. They are known as si-aurat (the color of sawat seed) in Thailand.

The mention of this breed was first found in the 1350s in a book of poems. Korat was said to be one of the breeds out of all the seventeen lucky cats.

About Russian Blue

Russian Blue cats are very popular around the world for their luscious and silky blue-grey fur coat. Russian Blue cats have emerald green-colored eyes. While other cats tend to shed a lot of furs, the Russian Blues do not shed like the other cats.

They are said to be one of the best breeds for pet owners. If you have a hard time with allergies, but still want a furry little friend, Russian Blue cats are the best preference. They shed very little and there is a constant growth of good quality, shiny coats of fur.

Unlike other domestic animals, Russian Blues have mauve-colored paws while others have gray paws. They have a thick double layer of coat fur which has a combination of both short and dense as well as long coats of fur. The body of the Russian Blues has a velvety texture and has a shine on their bluish fur.

Russian Blue cats like to stay clean and are very sensitive to changes in their surroundings. This breed takes a lot of time to adapt to new situations or adjust to a new environment. A slight change in their daily routine will make them feel uncomfortable and stress them out.

The cat needs a lot of time while trying to socialize with others. They will take their own time to get comfortable with you and then only allow you to pet them. As a breed, Russian Blues are mostly quiet and intelligent.

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Difference Between Korat and Russian Blue

1) Face shape

Korat has a face shape that looks like a heart. On the other hand, the Russian Blue has a wedge-shaped face.

2) Nature

Korats are like jungle cats who love to stay active throughout the day. Russian Blues are calm and composed.

3) Behavior

Korats are very playful and mischievous. Russian Blues are sensitive to changes and well-behaved.

4) Fur color

Korats have a gunmetal-colored gray fur color. Russian Blues have a bluish-black fur color.

5) Eye color

Korats have a peridot green (yellowish) eye color. Russian Blues have an emerald green eye color.

6) Bodyweight

Korats are more stout and heavy as compared to the Russian Blues. On the other hand, Russian Blues have little to no body fat. They only have muscles in their body.

7) Origin

Korats originated in Thailand whereas Russian Blues originated in Arkhangelsk.

8) Fur coat

Korats have a single coat with no undercoat. On the other hand, Russian blues have a double coat with a thick undercoat below it.

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When you will take a look at both of these breeds, you will notice very little to no change. Only when you take a closer look and spend a lot of time with them, you will notice how greatly they differ from each other.

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