Common Things that are 5 Feet Tall

Five feet is a measurement that can be described with several objects that are present around us. We shall take up the example of the most common objects around us that are useful for explaining the value of 5 feet. You necessarily don’t require measuring tape for estimating the length of 5 feet. Here are some of the examples that we can cite to show the measurement of 5 feet tall in real life.

9 Things that are 5 Feet Tall

These objects are present around us and if you need to explain the length of five feet then you have to take up the instances of one of these objects to estimate the actual length without a measuring tape.

1) Floor Standing lamps

The floor standing lamps are showpieces that are kept in houses to enhance the beauty of the house. You must have seen a standing lamp when you visited someone or even at your home. These standing lamps are simply stunning and you must have observed how beautiful they can be. The standing lamps are magnificent and one of the most splendid choices of home decor objects that you can opt for.

These standing lamps are made in different shapes and different sizes according to the needs of the buyers. Most often the standing lamps maintain a standard height of five feet. Thus it is a brilliant example for explaining the length of 5 feet.

The standing lamps are available everywhere and easy for you to spot in shops when they are displayed for sale. Thus the standard height lamps are made up to the length of 5 feet which helps you to imagine the approximate height of 5 feet in reality. These lamps are of different colors and shades and are displayed in the drawing-room of the house.

2) Folding Tables

The folding tables are usually required in the outdoor setup when you are throwing a party or gathering in the garden. These folding tables are useful for laying the set up on the porch which can be later removed at the end of the day. These folding tables are also beneficial as they can save space inside the house. You may bring them out when there are excess people in your house.

These tables that are standardized for dinner are about six feet in length while the foldable tables used by use are made up to the size of 5 feet. The top of the table can be made of plywood or plastic and they share a height of five feet. The folding legs usually bend at the height of 2.5 feet accommodating the easy storage of the tables when they are not in use.

These tables are wonderful substitutes for the bulky ones which take up a lot of space and you are unable to move them from place to place. The five feet folding tables can even be bent up to the height of 2 feet which is an advantage of the same when you lack space.

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3) Round Rugs

The rugs and the carpets in the house are commonly spotted objects which we see in every other household. The rugs in the room are also made in different shapes and varieties which gives us a wide range of options to explain the length of 5 feet.

We will particularly pick up the example of the round-shaped rugs. These rugs are usually made in different lengths of diameters. Mostly the rectangular-shaped rugs are made up to a length of 6 Feet. These rugs and carpets are laid in the hallway and even in front of the bed. The dimension of these rugs is 6 feet in length and 2 in breadth.

The circular rugs on the other hand are made maximum to the size of 5 feet. The end-to-end length of such rugs is 5 feet and if you take a scale and measure this length then you will be able to note that they are approximately designed up to the length of 5 feet.

You shall find these carpets in the washroom or in front of the main door. These rugs are useful for decorating the household with finesse and splendor.

4) Christmas Tree

As we all get ready to celebrate the wonders of winter and welcome Christmas, the purchase of the Christmas tree is a ritualistic act in every house. While some of us require a long tree that decks up the entire residence in the essence of merriment, some of us prefer it small and simple.

However, the standard size of these Christmas trees is about 5 feet. So the next time you are in a shop, you can order the 5 feet trees which are splendid for elaborate decoration.

You might not have measured the trees that are bought every year in your house, but now that you are looking for the objects which measure 5 feet, you should perhaps take the opportunity to measure the height of the medium-sized Christmas tree which ranges up to the height around 5 feet.

The real Christmas tree that you arrange for during the celebration period is of varying size and height while the artificially designed ones are maintained at a constant height for the convenience of the buyer. These Christmas trees are customized according to your preference and you might find the five feet trees in the shops for sale.

5) Steel ladders

The steel ladders are generally designed for household purposes. You can purchase one for your house if you need to reach up to the high cupboards or hang something on the walls. The steel ladders are useful in these aspects and many more. You can also use them while you divide to self-paint the walls. These ladders are sturdy and are provided with four steps for climbing.

The ladders are generally made up to the height of 5 feet which is quite small to easily store in one corner of the house. If you have to reach up high for the storage in the pantry then must take the help of these ladders which are quite useful for one to purchase.

The height of the ladders is lessened a bit when you have to spread its legs for balance. However, they are standardized to the height of five to six feet and are very advantageous for reaching a particular height to retrieve objects from cupboards, etc.

These are even useful when you have to change the damaged bulb in the house or fix the leak in the asbestos shed in the backyard or garden.

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6) Lawn Bench

The park benches that are laid along the side of the roads are also a classic example of objects that are five feet in length. These benches are usually designed to accommodate two people spaciously on the benches.

The seats are more or less designed up to the length of five feet and are a good example for you to observe in real life. Even the swings in the park that are made for couples or the two-seater chairs in your garden which you may install are of the dimension that is a little more and less than 5 feet.

7) Power Cords

A power cord is an electrical component used for connecting various devices and appliances to an electrical utility or power supply.

The standard length of power cords is 5 feet.

8) Width of Queen Size Bed

The beds that are designed for our houses are usually single bedding or double beds. There are several variations in the size of the double beds which are queen-sized or king-sized and many more. The standard width of a queen bed for two individuals is five feet. Thus it is a good example for you to visualize the length of five feet in real life. These beds are very comfortable and spacious to house two individuals. The double beds that you have in your house may be 5 feet and you may find out by measuring them for accuracy.

9) Five feet Refrigerators

The refrigerators are indispensable for keeping our food safe from rot and providing us with cold drinking water. The refrigerators are also manufactured in different heights and sizes. Some of them have a single door while the others are double-doored ones. The standard height of the single doomed refrigerators is about 5.5 feet which is close enough to five feet and useful for you to observe objects designed up to the height of 5 feet.

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