25 Common Items That Are 6 Inches Long

Here is an exhaustive list of common items that are 6 inches long.

If you’re in a scenario where you need to know the size of something but don’t have access to a ruler or tape measure, knowing the sizes of some common everyday items to serve as a reference can be extremely valuable.

When you’re away from home and haven’t brought a piece of measuring equipment with you, you can rummage through your pockets or luggage for something of a regular size and use that as a guide to measuring your object of choice.

We’ll take a look at several common things with a 6 inches length measurement. Knowing what common items are six inches long is useful because you can use them to measure longer distances.

How Long is 6 Inches?

How Long is 6 Inches? 6 inches is 15.24 cm or 6 inches is 152.4 mm or 6 inches is 0.5 ft (half a foot)

6 inches is a very common size as many objects are about this length.

Here are Some of the Most Common Things That are 6 Inches Long

For example, if you have a six-inch-long object, you may lay it down one after the other to measure the width of a doorway, counting up in six-inch increments. You might have the following items on hand to assist you to measure in six-inch increments:

1) Dollar Bills

If you’re in a hurry and need to know how long something is, search in your wallet for a measuring tool. The length of a US dollar bill is a little over six inches, or 6.14 inches to be exact.

The beautiful thing about US dollar notes is that they are all the same size, thus no matter what denomination you have in your wallet, any $1 bill will suffice to measure roughly six inches. This is in contrast to many other countries, where paper currency comes in varying sizes based on the amount it represents.

2) Toothbrush

Six-inch Toothbrush
6 inches Toothbrush

The usual toothbrush is six inches long, as this appears to be the most comfortable size for most individuals to handle. Of course, this only applies to adult toothbrushes, as children’s toothbrushes are often smaller to accommodate their smaller hands.

Adult toothbrushes come in a variety of sizes, as this is a measurement that is unique to the user, with some people preferring longer toothbrushes and others preferring shorter toothbrushes. Adult toothbrushes, on the other hand, are about six inches long on average.

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3) Ballpoint Pen

A ballpoint pen is approximately 6 inches long, so you may use one to measure distances in six-inch increments. Because this measurement includes the pen cap or pen lid, if you lose the cap, don’t use your ballpoint pen for six-inch measures, as it will be much shorter without it.

Make sure the cap is on the top of the pen, where the ink comes out, rather than the bottom, as this could impact the measurement.

You could acquire an entire pack of ballpoint pens and line them up in a row, end to end, to get a longer length than six inches, and then multiply the number of pens you used by six to reach your final measurement. Other varieties of regular pens may also be six inches long, but the ballpoint pen is the most common length measurement.

If you don’t have a ballpoint pen on hand, marker pens, felt tip pens, and gel pens of similar size should suffice.

4) Pencil

If you have a new pencil, it will be 6 inches long and can be used as a measuring device to approximate this length. Sharpened pencils, on the other hand, become shorter when sharpened, therefore don’t fall into the trap of measuring six inches with any old pencil because it may have been sharpened earlier and so be shorter than you think.

Always use a new pencil that has just come out of the pack when measuring with a pencil.

5) Hot Dog

Hot Dog
Hot Dog

If you start measuring things with a hot dog sausage, you could receive some strange glances, but knowing that the typical length of a hot dog is 6 inches can come in handy!

If you like hot dogs, even simply imagining the length of one in your brain will assist when someone asks how long six inches is, or if you’re ordering something online that says it’s six inches long, you can envision a hot dog to get a general sense of how big the item will be when it arrives.

6) Chef’s Knife

Chef’s Knife
Chef’s Knife

Knives come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which is true in both household and professional kitchens. The chef’s knife is a multifunctional knife with a slightly curved edge that we’re looking at here.

The curved edge makes it ideal for rolling back and forth on a chopping board to dice many items at once with precision, therefore it’s usually used for prepping vegetables and slicing dishes into little bits.

In comparison to other kitchen knives, this knife is six inches long, making it a medium-sized knife. It’s tiny enough to be portable but big enough to handle slicing larger items.

7) 6 Inch Action Figures

Many superhero action figures for kids are 6inch long. These figurines are usually made with plastic or PVC material.

8) 6 Inch Binders

6 Inch Binders
6 Inch Binders

6-inch ring binders are commonplace. If you are a teacher who needs to organize your assignments or a student organizing homework and study materials, a three-ring binder is a must.

9) Credit Card

A credit card is 3.3 inches long, therefore if you need to figure out how long six inches is, line up two credit cards next to each other and you’ll get a little more than that. Because credit cards and debit cards have the same standard dimensions, you can use them to measure three or six inches.

These might also be used to measure any number in three-digit increments. Three credit cards lined up, for example, will measure around nine inches, four credit cards lined up, twelve inches, and so on.

10) 6 Inch Cake Pans

Most used cake pans are 6 inches big. These could be made of aluminum or non-stick material. Cake molds or cake rings are also 6 inches in diameter.

11) 6 inch Dessert Plates

6-inch dessert plates are very popular at home.

12) 6 inch dessert Plates

Many desk fans are 6 inches big. These have become immensely popular because of work from home (WFH).

13) 6 Inch Wooden Dowels

6 Inch Wooden Dowels
6 Inch Wooden Dowels

6-inch wooden dowel rods are 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 thick, and 6 inches long.

14) Ethernet Cable

6 Inch Ethernet Cable
6 Inch Ethernet Cable

One of the common lengths of ethernet cables is .5 ft or 6 inches.

15) Exhaust Vent

A common size of exhaust vents is 6 inches.

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16) Air Filters

Another common item that is 6 inches long is an air carbon filter.

17) Flexible Duct

Most ducts are 6 inches in diameter even though the length can vary according to your particular need.

18) Door Handles

Door Handles
Door Handles

If you have noticed, door handles are mostly 6-inch in length.

19) 6 Inch Mattress

Many mattresses are usually 6 inches thick.

20) 6 Inch nails

If you’re handy with tools then you must have definitely used 6-inch nails.

21) 6 Inch Ruler

6-inch rulers are also very common. These could be made of metal, plastic, or wood.

22) Scissors

One common scissors size is 6 inches.

23) Zip Ties

6-inch zip ties made of nylon are quite common. These have a very high tensile strength.

24) 6 Inch Yoga Balls

6 Inch Yoga Balls
6 Inch Yoga Balls

If you’re a yoga practitioner then a yoga ball must be your go-to equipment. 6-inch yoga balls are quite popular in pilates also.

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25) Candles

6 inches candles are also very popular.

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