150+ Best Friend Questions [Quiz]

A best friend is the person we trust and talk to about anything. We want our best friends to be with us on our big day and even cry with us when we’re sad. They’re there for all the important moments in our lives, and not just the fun ones! This best friend questions quiz can reveal how deep your friendship is and how intimately much you know each other.

This quiz is, to test your knowledge, and see if you chose the right person as your best friend. Every question is about a specific moment and how much you two talked about it or did something related to it together.

You’ll find out more of what makes you guys so close, if you’ve really been through everything together, how well do you understand each other, and how much you care about the details with your best friend.

You can ask your best friend to take this quiz with you, too! This way it is like taking a friendship inventory test together with them! (And it will give you even more things to talk about) There are no right or wrong answers, and the results will be posted here soon : )

So, let’s get right into it! We’ll start with very general questions and then get more specific.

Best Friends Quiz

1. You and your best friend are at a restaurant, what do you order?

a) something healthy
b) something cheap but delicious. If this is all you can get, then just water!

2. What do you usually talk about?

a) gossip and celebrities we like
b) our dreams and goals
c) our problems with school or work
d) funny and interesting stories we heard

3. You guys are at the movies, what do you watch?

a) a dull but, serious film that is showing in theatres. It needs to win awards so, people know how good it is!
b) something lighthearted and fun
c) a horror movie – I love being scared
d) a cheesy but romantic movie

4. Which of these is your favorite?

a) chocolate  b) strawberry  c) vanilla d) blueberry

5. How would you describe yourself?

a) grounded b) adventurous c) focused d) shy

6. What is your best friend like?

a) they’re sweet and kind, I love them!
b) they’re really funny and silly sometimes
c) I love how smart they are
d) they understand me more than anyone else

7. How would you describe your school?

a) a place where I’m learning stuff to build a good career
b) a place for me to have fun and meet new people
c) somewhere I go to do my best every day
d) this is just a temporary place I’m staying at

8. Who would you like to spend more time with?

a) my family
b) my best friend
c) my significant other
d) all of the above

9. What do people think about your friendship?

a) it makes everyone so jealous, people want one like it!
b) we’re really close, and everyone knows that
c) everyone wants to be friends with us because we’re always together
d) people think we’re a bit weird but like us anyway

10. Who did you ask for relationship advice?

a) my best friend, I’m not interested in relationships
b) my family over dinner
c) my significant other
d) I don’t want anyone to know about it – I’m doing this all by myself

11. What is something you remember doing with your best friend?

a) cooking together
b) staying up late at night playing video games or watching a movie together
c) going to the zoo
d) taking a nap
e) watching the sunrise

12. How are you two different?

a) we have totally different tastes in food, movies, and music
b) I’m more logical while they’re more creative
c) I love roughing it out in nature while they like luxury
d) my friend is super spontaneous while I like to plan things out
e) we think so differently about life. They don’t want kids and a white picket fence, while I do!

13. How are you two the same?

a) we both have similar tastes in food, movies, and music
b) we’re both really good at the same things like sports and school
c) we’re both really responsible, and it’s such a pain sometimes
d) we’ve been friends for so long. We know each other better than anyone else
e) we have the same sense of humor

14. Where would you want to live in the future?

a) someplace familiar with lots of memories for me
b) in a super-rich gated community
c) close to nature with fresh air and clean water
d) in the city near my best friend because that’s where they are
e) this is not an important question

15. How well do you know your best friend?

a) really well
b) I know them pretty well but, there are still times when I don’t understand them
c) they hide a lot of things from me because they think it’ll make me upset
d) I want to know more about them

16. What kind of music do you listen to?

a) classical because it’s really relaxing
b) I love pop music because it inspires me
c) I like R&B and Rap
d) Rock is the best
e) there are no rules when it comes to music

17. How often do you spend time with your family?

a) we hang out every day, and they’re my best friends
b) we see each other once a week for an event or dinner
c) at least once a month, even though I want to be more involved
d) I want to be close with them but, I’m too busy working or doing other things

18. What do you like to do on weekends with your best friends?

a) go to the movies
b) watch TV at their place
c) play video games until they kick me out of the house
d) stay in and cook together
e) head up north for a weekend getaway because it’s so much fun!

19. What kind of books do you and your best friend like?

a) I read all sorts but, my best friend likes mystery novels
b) we’re both really into fantasy books
c) they don’t like reading but, if they did, it would be non-fiction
d) my best friend has great taste in books, and it’s so refreshing
e) this is not an important thing to talk about

20. What do you and your best friend like to do together?

a) we both love dramatic movies
b) we’re both really competitive so, we play sports a lot
c) we like going on adventures and doing things no one else has done before
d) we like to touch base about everything – if something’s bothering either one of us, it’ll come out right away
e) this is not an important question

21. What do you and your best friend do for fun?

a) we play video games or go to a movie
b) we stay up all night telling each other secrets and gossiping about boys
c) we laugh about everything because our sense of humor is so similar. If something’s bothering us, it’s impossible not to laugh about it afterward.
d) the same thing as a question

22. How do you resolve fights with your best friend?

a) we make up right away. He knows what I’m thinking, and I know how to react
b) we sit down and talk about it calmly
c) We get over it quickly but, our friendship is stronger because of it
d) We both apologize and move on
e) We never fight

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Best Friend Tag Questions

Best Friend Questions: Tag questions
Best Friend Questions

23. What’s your favorite movie?

24. How long have you been friends with your best friend?

25. Who tells the craziest stories?

26. What fashion sense do you like better?

27. Who has the most embarrassing and funniest family, and why is it them?

28. Who is more likely to get lost?

29. What’s your favorite thing about yourself and why?

30. Who is the most serious, and why?

31. Where would you rather go and why?

32. If you could be a celebrity for a day, Who would it be and why?

33. Who buys the most, and why is it them?

34. What’s your favorite animal and why?

35. What’s this about this person that makes you want to be friends with them so bad?

36. If you could give your friend one piece of advice, What would it be?

37. Who has the best pet, and why is it them?

38. What’s your favorite thing about each other?

39. What do you like to do together besides watching tv or hanging out in person?

40. Who is the biggest homebody, and why is it them?

41. What’s your favorite way to talk to each other?

42. Who does more of the talking in person and on the phone, you or your best friend?

43. What does your best friend consider their greatest achievement?

44. Where does your best friend hope to be in five years?

45. What’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you together?

46. Who is more likely to find a solution or compromise faster when fighting with each other?

47. What’s the best part about being with your best friend all day?

48. What do you like to do together for fun?

49. Who has the most dramatic story, and why is it them?

50. If you could take a vacation with your best friend, Where would you go and why?

51. How many friends do you have in common with your best friend?

52. What’s something you didn’t know about your best friend until after you became friends?

53. If you could describe your best friend as an animal, Which would it be and why?

54. What’s your favorite thing to do together?

55. Who calls each other the day after a night out to make sure everyone reached home safely?

56. What’s your favorite pastime when you’re together?

57. Who is the most patient, and why is it them?

58. when was the last time you hung out with each other in person and, What did you do?

59. Who has more pets than they need, and why is it them?

60. What kind of music do you most enjoy listening to with your best friend?

61. Which has more influence over the other’s mood, friends or family?

62. Who does more of the talking on social media apps or through text messages and, why is it them?

63. What’s your favorite memory of all time?

64. Who is more likely to come up with the dumbest joke, and why is it them?

65. Do you prefer doing things in person or online?

66. How many hours a day would you spend together If you could?

67. What’s your favorite thing about your friendship?

68. Who tells the funniest jokes, and why is it them?

69. If you could wish for one thing to always remain the same, What would it be?

70. Who picks on each other more often?

71. Have you ever traded a pet with each other?

72. Who is cooler, and why is it them?

73. If you two shared a room, What would be the theme, and Who would decorate first?

74. What’s your favorite thing to do in the wintertime together?

75. What’s something you’ve done together that you’ll never forget, and why is it them?

76. What’s the best thing about each other besides friendship?

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Best Friend Questions to Know if They Know the Basic Facts About You

77. Is there anything to which I am allergic?

78. Is there anything you have been wanting to give or ask me?

79. What is the first thing that comes into your mind when I say food?

80. Which is the best part of my personality?

81. What is the one thing that you would change about me?

82. What do you like the best about me?

83. If you could give me one wish for me, what would it be? 

84. What is my favorite food and why? 

85. Which thing do I hate the most?

 86. What do you think about my friends and how we meet each other?

87. How are my relationships with my parents & brothers?-good or bad?

88. Is there anything I haven’t told yet in my entrance?

89. Do you know about my property?

90. Do you think I am wealthy?

91. Which are the habits I have done that you think most of me?

92. What do you feel when you first see me?

93. What is the distance between my friend and me?

94. Do you think we are nothing without each other?

95. Do you think I am strange in any cases?

96. Which one of your best mates do you like to be with the most?

97. How sure you are in friendship with me?

98. What is it that you want to tell me all this while?

99. Do you have anything else to say?

100. How did you feel to be my best friend?

101. What will you do to me if I could give you anything in this world? 

102. Who is your best mate and why?

103. What is the thing you like to do with me the most?

104. Will you ever forget about me if something happened to you?

105. Is there anything I should know about your family?

106. What was the most unforgettable event for you when meeting me?

107. Are you still in good touch with our old friends? 

108. Do you think I am wealthy? 

109. Which are the habits I have done that you think most of me? 

110. What do you feel when you first see me?

111. Which is your favorite picture with me?

112. How sure you are, in friendship with me?

113. What is the one thing that you would change about me? 

114. Do you have anything else to say? 

115. How did you feel to be my best friend?   

116. Will you ever forget about me if something happened to you?   

117. What is the distance between my friend and me?   

119. Which are the habits I have done that you think most of me?  

120. Is there anything I haven’t told yet in my entrance?   

121. Do you know about my property?   

122. Where will we be if we are to meet each other in the future?

123. What’s my favorite food?   

125. What’s my favorite movie of all time?   

126. What’s my favorite drink?   

128. What’s my favorite song/music band/artist?    

130. What are my favorite sports teams?   

Best Friend Secrets Questions

131. Has there ever been a time when you thought I wasn’t a good best friend?   

132. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say “friendship”?     

134. Have I ever said anything about fighting with you?   

135. Have I ever said anything about hurting you?      

140. Do we rely on each other for support when the times are tough?   

141. What’s your secret?   

142. What’s the biggest secret of yours that no one knows about?   

143.do you have a lot of secrets behind you?    

144. Am I part of your secrets?   

145. Do you have a thing for me that no one knows about?    

Best Friend Quiz Questions

146. How many years we have been friends?          

147. How long we shall be friends?   

148. Do you know that you are my best friend?    

149. Do you think I am a good friend to you?   

150. How do I appear to you in your mind?   

151. Do you think we would still be friends if we have never met each other?   

152. What’s your favorite and least favorite part of me? 

153. Do we agree on the same things?   

154. What are the closest friend incidents that incurred due to our friendship?     

155. What’s the best question you ever asked me?   

156. What’s the best question I ever asked you?   

157. What’s the one thing I wish we could do together? 

158. What would you like to do when I come back?     

159. How important are we to each other?        

160. Where have we been together in the past years?          

161. What are our memories as best friends?     

162. Why do I cry whenever we disagree?   

163. What is our relationship right now?    

164. How long can we last as best friends?     

166 .are you angry at me right now?   

167. How do you think we react to each other?

168. What is the first thing that comes into your mind when I say food?

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How Important is a Best Friend?

A best friend means the world to someone. They can make your day better when you are sad, they can help you through the tough times in life and they will be there when your parents aren’t around or need a break. Having a best friend is one of the most special things someone could ever have. Without a best friend, it can feel lonely and no one will ever understand you like your BFF.

A best friend is someone that takes a special place in your heart. When you have a best friend, they know everything about you and you can count on them for anything. A best friend makes the world seem brighter and happier no matter How sad or angry you are feeling. When you have a best friend, everything feels okay.

No matter How stressed out you are or How awful your day has been, they can always make it better. Best friends do crazy stuff together and never judge each other because that’s What best friends do. The most important part of a friendship is also the simplest: Friendship doesn’t need reasons for your friendship and it’s unconditional.

Best friends are hard to come by so once you have one, don’t ever take them for granted or treat them like your other friendships.

What Makes a Good Best Friend?

A best friend can be anyone from a family member to a teacher, co-worker, or even a complete stranger. A best friend can live next door or across the world. Your best friend is the person you know the most about and trust with your lIfe. Friendships come in all shapes and sizes but there are some components that make up a good friendship.

A good best friend is someone that you know will always be there for you no matter What the situation is. They are trustworthy, honest, and true to their word. They never judge you or put down your ideas. A best friend does crazy things with you but doesn’t make you feel bad about it afterward. They make sure to spend time together even If they live far away.

They keep you laughing with their sense of humor and never doubt your ability to accomplish something. Your best friend is the person Who accepts all of you, flaws and all, and doesn’t try to change you. A good best friend will be there for you when it’s raining or sunny outside because they will never let you go through hardships alone.

Where Does Best Friend Come From?

Best friends (and BFFs) come from anywhere and everywhere; they can be people that we’ve known since we were little or grown strangers that share a bond that only the two of them will understand.

A best friend doesn’t need to have anything in common with you, such as hobbies and interests. A best friend won’t judge you or tell other people about your personal life; they will keep it a secret to the grave even If you confess that you killed someone. Your best friend knows everything about you:

What makes them happy and sad but also every mistake you’ve ever made and embarrassing moment in your life. The only thing someone needs to be your best friend is to accept you for Who you are and not try to change you because, at the end of the day, every friendship is different.

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes but you can always rely on them through good times and bad. They give us a reason to keep going even when we feel like turning back. They give us comfort, warmth, and an ear to listen to our problems. Best friends are people Who will always be there for you no matter What happens. You can’t put a price on that kind of love because it’s truly priceless.

A best friend is one Who goes through all the ups and downs of life with you.

What are Some Qualities That a Friendship Should Have?

A good friendship has to be unconditional. It doesn’t matter What happens, your friend is always there for you even If it seems like they aren’t, they will never judge you or put you down. A good friend knows everything about you but still loves and accepts Who you are even If they think you’re breaking the law.

A good friend is there for you in good times and bad; they will cry with you when your heart is broken and laugh with you on all of your happy days. Friendships don’t need a reason but sometimes friendships can come about from meeting someone Who has similar hobbies or interests as you.

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