Beer Pong Table Size & Dimensions Explained

As we know that the game of beer pong has become increasingly popular these days we are here to determine the right size of a beer pong table. So if you are planning to buy a beer pong table to enjoy some fun time with your friends then let us tell you the beer pong table size. You need a ping-pong ball to play this game. Let us discover some basic steps and rules that one needs to follow while playing this game.

Beer Pong Table Dimensions

Different sized tables are available in the market depending on the one you wish to buy. If you want to know how long is a beer pong table, the answer is the standard length of the beer pong table is taken as 8 to 9 Feet.

The beer pong tables are portable and hence they can be easily folded and placed inside the briefcase and carried from one place to another.

Hence there is the convenience of carrying the table anywhere that you go! Heading for a short vacation to the resort? You can carry the table with you and enjoy a match.

Official Beer Pong Table Size: 8′ L x 24” W x 27.5” H

The official regulation size of a beer pong table

Length = 8 Feet (2.44 m)

Width = 24 inch (61 cm)

Height = 27.5 inch (70 cm)

The fantastic graphical design on the table makes it even more attractive and fascinating to play on. You also have to be very careful not to spill the beer on the ground. Hence you should keep a distance of three feet on either side.

Some of the beer bongs can also be placed inside the swimming pool. These have a floatable system to balance them on the water. This makes the game even more wonderful to play with your friends.

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Basic Concept of the Beer Pong

You need to fill one-fourth or one-third of the total content of the glass. The glasses are arranged in a triangular pattern on either side of the table.

There are two teams with two members on either side of the table. The player has to aim and drop the ping-pong ball in the cup on the opposite end and if you can place the ball successfully on the cup then the player of the opposite team has to drink the entire content of the glass. In the end, whoever is on the losing team will have to finish all the cups.

There are no set boundaries for the rules of the game since it is not a professional game so you can make any alterations of your choice to the rules of the game to make them more fun and exciting. Since the game is very interesting many desire to have the beer pong table in their house. But for that, you need to know the right dimension of the table and here it is mentioned for your assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Beer Pong Table

1) What is a beer pong table made of?

Beer pong tables are generally made of wood or plywood. They are laminated from the top so that the surface remains unharmed. The table is protected against water damage since beer may repeatedly drop on the table and destroy the top. It is designed in different patterns and styles to make it the most wonderful to look at!

The base is made of plywood and then covered with water-resistant laminates. You can also use plastic and foam to create a DIY table all by yourself at home.

2) What are the things required for playing beer pong?

The plastic cups are arranged in several six or ten depending on the players. The capacity of the ten cups is as much as 10 to 12 ounces. The distance between the two first cups in the triangle is 65 inches. The cups in the triangle are set up in a row of 4, then a row of 3, then 2. A single cup at the front adds up to a total of 10 cups. Usually, we use red cups for playing the game but you can buy any other colors of your choice. Naturally, you will need ample beer to conduct this game but water is also a great option.

3) What are the basic rules of playing beer pong?

The rules of the beer pong game are pretty simple and you need to only bounce the balls into the cups of the opponent team. If you successfully land the ball then the opposite team member has to drink from the cup. Now if all the glasses are emptied the other team wins the round. The rules of the games are pretty changeable and you can always twist them with different sets of rules like introducing a dare.

4) Is it possible to play a game of beer pong on a six feet long table?

The price of a six feet long table is comparable to that of an eight feet table. The space occupied by the six feet table is also less and hence can be accommodated in a smaller area. It is easy to aim for the cups on a smaller table as the distance is short.

5) Who invented the game of beer pong?

There is surprisingly no single inventor of the game. Is a modified version of Beirut. In this case, you need a hockey stick to hit the ping-pong balls and insert them into the cups. In about the 70s and 80s, the game of beer ping-pong evolved.

6) What is the distance that you need to maintain as you aim for the ping-pong balls into the cups?

One needs to stand at a distance of 6 ‘ to play the game. This is negotiable of course.

7) What is the elbow rule in beer pong?

The elbow rule is simple! You simply can not extend more than the distance of your elbow from the rim while aiming for the cups.

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