What is 72 divided by 8 using long division?

The process of long division is easy but you need to understand the steps properly to solve the sums for your mathematical problems. Here we shall take a simple example of 72 divided by 8 using long division. Let us check the process out for the same.

Basic concepts of long division

Here are some of the things that you need to note while you are initiating the process of long division. In this case, long division involves some of the definitions that you need to understand now.

1) What is a numerator: a numerator is a number or the values that are present above the line of division. It is, in this case, the number 72 which is also the dividend, the value that you will divide today.

2) What is a divisor: the divisor is the digit that gets to divide the dividend. In this case, it is 8.

3) Definition of a quotient: a quotient is a value that we obtain at the end of the sums after we complete the process of long division.

4) Define a remainder: a remainder is a value that is left after the entire process of division is complete.

What is 72 divided by 8: The Quotient is 9 and the remainder is 0

Calculations to show 72 divided by 8 using long division

Now we are going to initiate the process of long division where 72 is the dividend and 8 is the divisor.

Step 1

You need to place divisor 8 on the left-hand side of the dividend 72.

Step 1

Step 2

Here you need to see if the first digit 7 is divisible by 8 or not. You can note that 7 being smaller is not divisible by 8 and hence now you need to consider the whole number 72. Use the multiplicative table of 8. Here you shall find that 8×1=8…..8×9= 72.

Thus we will see that 8 goes 9 times in 72 or we can say that 72 is divisible by 8 nine times.

Step 2

Step 3

Now you need to subtract to see what is the remainder. Here you shall see that 72-72 is 0 and hence the remainder to this long division is zero.

Step 3

Hence the final answer to your given question of long division of 72 by 8 is



Hence you have learned how to understand the long division process of 72 divided by 8.

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Extra calculations for you?

1) You might also use the calculator to simply yield the answer to your question where 72 needs to be divided into 8. You need to type 72 ÷8 and the answer will be shown on the screen as 9.

2) The division of 72 by 8 can also be expressed as a mixed fraction where the quotient 9 becomes the larger whole number and the remainder is the smaller numerator while the denominator remains the same as the divisor which is 0 and 8 respectively.

3) Hence the format will be 9 0/8. Hence the numerator is 0 the entire fraction becomes 0 and only the whole number is left behind as the answer which is 9.

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