4 vs 4t Size (With Table)

if you’re a parent and must have tried to buy clothes for your children, you must have also wondered about 4 vs 4t size. We all have been in the same boat trying to know if there is any difference between 4 and 4t size.

Comparison Table: 4 vs 4t Size

Criteria4 Size4T size
Size explainedThe size 4 for toddlers is bigger and the height of the clothing is also very tall.The size 4t is smaller than the size 4. The height of the outfit is also shorter than the size 4.
Age groupsSize 4 is made for kids who are more than three years old.Size 4t is made for kids who are less than two years old.
Adjustable waistSize 4 is worn by kids who don’t need a diaper. The waist is fixed and is not adjustable.Size 4t has an adjustable waist which helps to provide some space for the diaper.
Length of the sleevesSince size 4 is meant for older kids, the sleeves are usually longer.Size 4t is meant to fit smaller kids so the sleeves are short.
Length of the pantsThe length of the pants is longer and bigger.The length of the pants is shorter and smaller.
4 vs 4T size Table
4 vs 4T Size
Difference between 4 vs 4T Size

Parenthood has its ups and downs. While you are enjoying the journey and growth of your child, sometimes you struggle to keep up with the changes. The little ones tend to grow up so quickly that you will always have to make a wardrobe upgrade. The last a parent would want is poorly fitted clothes.

If the clothes for your child are either too big or too small, it will cause irritation and make your kids feel uncomfortable. Especially around the ages of four and five, you will realize that the old clothes don’t fit anymore. They tend to grow tall very fast with very little change in terms of weight.

In multiple local stores and malls, you will find some ready-made clothes for kids. Out of all the sizes that are available, 4 and 4t might be the perfect ones for your toddler. The differences between these sizes depend mostly on the store or brand you are shopping from.

Another difference between these sizes is that size 4 is for kids who are three years old or above and 4t is for kids who are younger than 2 years. The size 4 is bigger than the size 4t. For kids whose height is constantly changing, size 4 appears to be a perfect fit as it is tall and lean. Whereas size 4t would be a good fit for toddlers of around twenty-four months old.

About 4 Size

Readily available outfits of size 4 are perfect for toddlers. This size is meant to fit kids who are older than three years of age. The size of the clothing depends mostly on age and other factors like height and weight.

Since the size 4 is meant for older kids, the size is bigger. Toddlers tend to grow up really fast, the height and fit are made taller and leaner. The outfits are made to fit the toddler based on the changes that their body goes through.

Clothes of size 4 do not have an adjustable waist. The waist is mostly fixed because the kids who wear it don’t wear a diaper. The length of the sleeves in the outfit is longer and wider. These measures help to perfectly fit the toddler. Size 4 also has zips and buttons to make the outfit fit better.

About 4T size

Apart from the size 4, there are other sizes available such as size 4t. The size 4t is made to be worn by kids who are younger than twenty-four months. Kids who are younger than twenty-four months need to wear a diaper and have a body smaller in size compared to the size 4. As the kids who wear the size 4t have smaller bodies, the sleeves and length are smaller and shorter too. With an added feature of the adjustable waist, there is enough room to fit the diaper. The length of the pants is also shorter in size.

Size 4t can be said to be a smaller version of the size 4. It comes in handy for parents whose kids are still using diapers. With the adjustable waist made from elastic, there is enough room for accommodation.

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Difference Between 4 Size and 4T Size

1) Explanation of the size

Size 4 is big in size and is tall in height. On the other hand, size 4t is smaller and shorter in size.

2) Suitable for the age group

Size 4 is perfect for kids who are more than three years old. Whereas size 4t is made for kids who are younger, mostly less than two years of age.

3) Adjustable waist

Size 4 is usually worn by kids who don’t wear diapers. This is the reason the clothing does not have an adjustable waist and it is fixed. On the other hand, size 4t comes with an adjustable waist. This helps to make some room for the diaper.

4) Length of the sleeves

The size 4 is meant for older kids so it has long sleeves. Size 4t is meant to fit small kids so the sleeves are shorter compared to size 4.

5) Length of the pants

Size 4 has a longer and bigger pant length. The length of size 4t is shorts and smaller.

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The differences between the size 4 and size 4t have been mentioned on the basis of multiple factors. Both of these sizes cater to a certain weight group and age group. Size 4 is bigger in size as compared to size 4t.

These sizes also tend to vary among the retail stores. There is a different size chart available to understand the differences. Even though there is a difference, you will hardly notice any.

The extra inches on the sleeve and pant length will help to adjust to the growth of your little ones. Their bodies tend to grow faster in terms of length than their weight. With the right measurement, it is easy to find clothes that truly fit your kids.

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