What is 18/25 as a Percentage?

Need to calculate 18/25 as a percentage asap? Here is the best way to do so…

When we are asked to convert a given sum or data into a percentage it is the means of expressing the given data in terms of hundred.

Here we shall learn about how to show the given fraction 18 out of 25 as a percentage and the steps that are required to do so.

Basic concepts

1) A fraction is made of two parts which are then made of a numerator that is present on the top of the line of division and the denominator that is present below the line of division.
2) A percentage is defined as expressing a sum in terms of a hundred or in other words you have to convert the value of a given data to a fraction of a hundred.
3) So if we state that there is 75% then we imply that it means 75/100

What is 18/25 as a Percentage? In percentage, 18/25 = 72%

Calculation to show 18/25 as a percentage

Method #1

Step 1

You need to change the denominator of the given fraction 18/25 in the form of 100. To do so you will be needing to divide 100 by 25 to find the multiple.


100÷25= 4

\[ \frac{100}{25}=4 \]

Step 2

Now with the multiple 4, you have to multiply the numerator and the denominator to maintain balance.


(18×4)÷(25×4) = 72/100

\[ \frac{(18\times4)}{(25\times4)}=\frac{72}{100} \]

This means that the required percentage of the fraction is 72%

18/25 as a percentage = 72%

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Method #2

Step 1

There is another different technique that you may use to convert the fraction to percentage which is an alternative way and also very easy to comprehend

You need to divide the numerator by the denominator where 18 becomes the dividend and 25 is the divisor.

18÷25 = 0.72

Step 2

Now you need to multiply the decimal value by 100 and you will yield the final results as 72%

0.72×100 = 72%

18/25 as a percentage = 72%


The steps of conversion of a given fraction to a percentage are very easy and do not require much time or effort for you to achieve the answer.

There is no need for confusion as the process is very easy and with ample practice, you will be able to gain expertise in the techniques of conversion very easily.

Both the steps are useful and should not be a problem as you sit down to convert your given fraction to a percentage.

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