What is 18/20 as a Percentage?

The number 18/20 is a fraction that is often needed to be converted into a percentage. The process of conversion into the percentage form is taught here and you need to learn about the process to show 18/20 as a percentage.

Conversion of fractions in percentages is a very basic concept that you need to learn for mathematics understanding.

Here we shall learn about how to change the concept of the fraction to percentage and find the results to the value. Here is a simple method that will show you how to find the results for 18/20 as a percentage.

Basic Concepts of Converting 18 out of 20 as a Percentage

1) A fraction is composed of two parts. The numerator is the digit that is present on top of the line of division and the denominator is the digit that is present below the line of division.

2) A percentage is defined as the method of expressing in the form of a hundred. In other words, percent means in per hundred how much value is present in terms of hundred.

3) For example, 50% means 50/100 and 67% means 67/100.

What is 18/20 as a Percentage? In percentage, 18/20= 90%

Calculation to show 18/20 as a percentage

First, you need to adjust the value of the denominator to 100 as the first step of the calculation.

To convert the value of denominator 20 to 100 is done by dividing 100 by 20.


\[ \frac{100}{20}=5 \]

Now that you have found the value of the multiple, the multiple needs to be multiplied with the numerator and denominator.

(18×5)/(20×5)= 90/100

\[ \frac{(18\times5)}{(20\times5)}=\frac{90}{100} \]

Hence the answer to your problem will be 90%

18/20 as a percentage = 90%

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Method #2

Another method is also described here.

Step 1. 1you need to convert the fractional value 18/20 to decimals.

Now 18÷20= 0.9

Step 2. Now you need to multiply 0.9 by 100 and you will yield the answer.

0.9×100= 90%

18/20 as a percentage = 90%


Either of the methods that are described here is easy for you to find and you will be able to solve the mathematical expressions and values easily. There is no confusion regarding the conversion of fractions to decimals as it is very easy.

Practice makes a man perfect and thus to convert a fraction to a percentage requires you to get hold of your paper and pen and calculate the value of the digits. This can be done by randomly selecting fractions and changing them to percentages.

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