What is 15/20 as a percentage?

Need to calculate 15/20 as a percentage? Here is the best way to do so…

Sometimes you need to convert a fraction to the percentage for some of the mathematical expressions.

The process of changing a fraction to a percentage has mainly two methods and here we are going to teach you both of them with the simple example where we convert the given fraction 15/20 to percentage.

Basic concepts

1) A fraction is made of two parts. The numbers or the digits that are above the line of division is called the numerator while the numbers or the digits that are below the line of division are called the denominator.
2) A percentage is defined as the fraction of a hundred. It describes the numbers as they are expressed as values in terms of hundred.
3) For example, if we say 43% then it means 43/100 or if we say 87% then it means 87/100.

What is 15/20 as a Percentage? In percentage, 15/20 = 75%

Calculation to show 15/20 as a percentage

Method #1

First, you need to adjust the value of the given denominator such that we need to make them 100. In this case, we are provided with the fraction as 15/20. So to change the denominator 20 of the given fraction to a hundred we need to divide 100 by 20.


100÷20 = 5

    \[ \frac{100}{20}=5 \]

Now with the multiple 5, you need to multiply both the numerator and the denominator by 5 to yield the results.


(15×5)÷(20×5) = 75/100

    \[ \frac{(15\times5)}{(20\times5)}=\frac{75}{100} \]

Hence the required percentage to the given fraction 15/20 is 75%

15/20 as a percentage = 75%

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Method #2

Here is another different way by which you can convert the given fraction to a percentage.

To do so you have to divide the numerator by the denominator where the numerator 15 becomes the dividend and the denominator 20 is the divisor.

15÷20 = 0.75

Now you need to multiply the obtained decimal value by 100 to get your required percentage.


0.75×100 = 75%


Both the steps that are used to convert the fraction 15/20 to percentage are easy and if you keep practicing then you will easily be able to yield the answer to your question.

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