What is 12 divided by 4 using long division?

How to calculate 12 divided by 4 using the long division method? Here is a simple method.

The method of long division is essential for various mathematical problems and so you should acquire the knowledge of how to divide a given number by the method of long division.

Here we will take the help of this given example 12 and divide it 4 through the method of long division and teach you the steps in which the sum can be completed.

What is 12 divided by 4: The Quotient is 3 and the remainder is 0

Basic concepts of long division method

1) Here the number 12 is the dividend. A dividend is a number that is placed on the right of the
divisor and it is divided into a smaller value during the process of division.

2) Here, in this case, the dividend is 12.

3) A divisor is a number or the value that is placed on the left of the dividend and it is used in the process of long division to divide the given dividend and yield the results.

4) Number 4 is the divisor in this case and we shall learn how the process is initiated.

5) Now we also need to know what a quotient is. A quotient is a number that is the final result that is obtained after the process of long division is completed.

6) Remainder refers to the value that is left behind after you finish the entire process.

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Calculations to show 12 divided by 4 using long division

Step 1

The very first step of long division is to arrange the divisor and the dividend in the proper positions. If the placement is wrong then the entire answer will be different.

Step 1

Step 2

Now you need to check with the first digit 1 and see if one feature in the multiplicative table of 4. In other words, you have to check how many times four can go in 1 or the number one is divisible by 4.

Step 2

Step 3

Now you need to subtract zero from 1 and in the place of the quotient, it becomes 0 zero because in the previous step one did not show up in the multiplication table for 4.

Then you will see the following arrangement.

Step 3

Step 4

This time you need to bring down 2 such that you now have the entire value of the dividend as 12 and check for the next step.

Step 4

Step 5

The number is now 12 in the dividend column and you need to check how many times 4 can divide 12. For this, you may use the multiplication table where you will see that 4×1= 4,4×2=8,4×3=12 and so on.

Hence 4 will go thrice in 12 and Thu,s in the quotient column you will write 3. The arrangement will look something like this.

Step 5

Step 6

Now again you need to subtract for the remainder and you will obtain the value of the final remainder. Here is what the final arrangement of long division for 12 by 4 will look like.

Step 6

The final results for the division of 12 by 4 in the process of long division are as follows



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Extra information for you

Here is some of the other information that might prove to be helpful for you.

1) You can also use a calculator to solve sums like this where you need to type the number 12 first followed by the division sign and then 4 and then the results will be reflected as 3. It will look like this mathematical expression: 12÷4=3.

2) You can also express the value of the quotient and the remainder in the form of a mixed fraction as your answer. The bigger number will be 3 and the smaller numerator will be 0 while the denominator will remain the same as the given divisor 4.

3) Hence the obtained mixed fraction after arranging will be 3 0/4.

4) Now as the numerator is 0 the entire fraction becomes zero and thus we can simply write it as 3 as the final result which is a whole number.

The final answer to question 12 divided by 4 in the long division will be 3.