What is 12/15 as a percentage?

How to show 12/15 as a percent? Here are the easiest ways to do so!

Conversion of a fraction to a percentage is very important in mathematical problems. The fraction that is given here is 12/15 needs to be converted to a percentage and these methods that are described here are important and you will learn to change the fraction 12/15 to percentage.

Let us explore the methods that are there for the conversion of fractions to percentages.

Basic concepts of converting a fraction to percentage

1) A fraction consists of two parts. The numerator is the numbers that are present above the line of division and the denominator is present below the line of the fraction.

2) A percentage is defined as expressing any value in terms of hundred. In other words, we can say that it means to express any value in the fraction of a hundred.

3) So if we say, 34% it means 34/100 and if we say 79% it means 79/100.

4) During the division of fractions, the numerator becomes the dividend that needs to be divided and the denominator is the divisor that divides the numerator. In this case, 12 is the dividend, and 15 is the divisor.

What is 12/15 as a percent? The answer is 12/15 as a percentage is 80%

Calculation to show 12/15 as a percent

Method #1

In the first method, these are the following steps that are required in the conversion of the fraction to a percentage.

Step 1

First, you need to change the value of the denominator such that it becomes 100. To do so, you have to divide 100 by 15.

100÷15= 6.6667

\[ \frac{100}{15}=6.6667 \]

Step 2

Again you need to adjust the value of both the numerator and the denominator such that the number below reaches 100. To do so we need to multiply the numerator and the given denominator by 6.6667.

(12×6.667)/(15×6.667)= 80/100

\[ \frac{(12\times6.667)}{(15\times6.667)}=\frac{80}{100} \]

Thus the required result is 80%

12/15 as a percent = 80%

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Method #2

This is the method in which we learn to change the given fraction to decimals.

Step 1

Hence you need to divide the numerator by the denominator which is now treated as the dividend and the divisor respectively.

12÷15= 0.8

Step 2

Hence, now you need to multiply the obtained 0.8 decimal value with 100.


Thus these are the two methods that will help you to convert the given fraction to a percentage. Here we converted the value of the 12/15 fraction to a percentage. Keep practicing more and you will be able to solve the problems easily with expertise for any kind of fraction.

12/15 as a percent = 80%

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